Maximum Ride in Summary

So, if none of you have read Maximum Ride, I have two things to tell you. Ready? READ IT. And another thing…read it! It’s an amazing series by James Patterson (an author of many other novels), and it’s suitable for all ages. The narration is in first person by Max (female, by the way) and she’s very to the point, sarcastic, and hilarious narrator. She’s the leader of her flock of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. But the twist? They are 2% avian, so they have wings and some are blessed with powers.

Sure, this may sound a little weird or out there for people (was for me at first), but it’s really nothing you’d expect. There’s action, humor, little romance (don’t worry, men, not THAT much), and it’s in constant motion, so putting the book down is nearly impossible.

So, I have read all novels up to the last one “Angel”, and I’m waiting for “Nevermore” coming out later this year. I will be putting spoilers on here, so try and keep up! šŸ™‚

I’d like to put some of my reactions from this book, or side effects, that come with reading this šŸ™‚

-a sudden obsession with wings. I swear I have four necklaces with wings on them, and I’m getting my Vans done with wings on them soon.

-every bird I see, I want to yell: There Goes Max!! Unless it’s a crow, then I think of Fang.

-when I see vampire’s teeth, aka fangs, I always think of Fang.

-when the lights go out and all I see is blackness, I think: hey! I’m like Iggy!

-see a little girl with a bad attitude? Angel.

-I pick up an Eraser and think of half-human dogs.

-fart machine at Spencer’s? Gazzy.

-when I say the same sentence as my sister, and I feel like a mind reader like Angel.

So go on and start reading if you haven’t already! It’s a wonderful series, and I’ll be posting lots about it through time šŸ™‚

Fly on!


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