Maximum Ride cover photos

For those of you who haven’t read these books, I’ll show you the epicness of them. Of course I don’t imagine Max or Fang this way, but alas, they are there on the cover nonetheless.

Book One: The Angel Experiment. We first get introduced to the flock of Max, Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel in this novel, and it slams us in the face with action even at the beginning when Angel gets captured. Erasers (half human, half dogs) are introduced, and Jeb gets thrown into the conflict that erupts out of proportion later in the series. This book got me hooked, and it’s still one of my favorite’s to read.

Book two: School’s out Forever. The plot thickens in this novel, and the relationship with Fang starts to get a little…shall I say…as complicated as a bird with no wings *knee slap* 😀 Relationship with Ari gets a little twisted and confusing, but that’s the glory of the twists in this series.

Book three: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. By far my favorite of the entire series. It has the funniest jokes (in my opinion), and we get to see Max at her greatest with hilarious sarcasm. And with Fang? That wingless bird looks a little better by now. Oh, and Ari? Yikes.

Book four: The Final Warning. This book deals with global warming and mainly takes place in Antarctica. This one isn’t my personal favorite, but some key characters and plot points are made in here. We get to meet “Doctor Wonder” as Max calls her, aka: the woman Fang drools over a bit. A twenty-year old scientist, redhead, and super intelligent? I guess I don’t blame him. Psssssst…Max is so much better though 🙂

Book five: Max. This is where the titles don’t get as creative, but don’t give up on Patterson! This book is about Doctor Martinez getting kidnapped, and Max has to go on a submarine adventure to find her and save her. This is also the book where Angel starts to annoy me by being so stubborn, but alas, that may just be me!

Book six: Fang. This, my friends, is by far one of the most epic novels, in my opinion. We’re faced with so many slaps to the face it’s insane! We’re introduced to Dylan, Max gets banned from her own flock, and Angel predicts Fang to be the first to die. It’s jam packed with so much new stuff, but it’s a page turner! I read it in one day! The end though? 😦 I’m sure Fang doesn’t like a whole book focused on him. Poor Fang.

Book seven: Angel. This is where things come back to the idea of human extinction. There’s a rally set up with a bomb underneath it, and it’s up to Max and her flock to help. And get this, Fang has his own group to help too. And who’s in that group? Maya: aka Max two. Personally I hate her guts, but probably because Fang seems to be distancing himself from the real Max. I’m just biased! This book is very action packed and intense, although Dylan kind of twerks me sometimes.

Book eight: Nevermore. Now this is the last book waiting to be published, and I’m very excited yet nervous to see how everything will pan out. Will Max save the world? Is Jeb really a good guy? Is Fang permanently gone? Will Angel be okay? Will anyone important die? Will they ever find their parents? So many questions!! In an interview Patterson states that the ending may not be what we want it to be. Yikes. Scared yet excited to see what happens!

And there you go! We’ll meet the characters later 🙂 If you haven’t read the books already, then do so! And if you have, then comment below! Which books are your favorite?

Fly on!


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