Finnick Friday

TGIF! What a better way to celebrate the wonderful day than to talk and gush about mister Finnick Odair.

(art thanks to patsie on deviantart)

We first meet Finnick when the chariots arrive at the Quarter Quell, and Katniss is by herself when he comes up to her. He’s just in his boxers, leaning close to her and asking her in his “seductive” voice about her secrets, while meantime offering her a sugar cube. This is one of the first times we read about Katniss blushing, but I don’t blame her, I would be too if an incredibly handsome guy in just boxers was trying to seduce me with sugar cubes. Hello? They’re yummy!

As the novel continues, we get to see his character develop into someone quite hilarious, but he’s also one of the most protective and loyal characters we see. He’s one to save Peeta’s life, while also willing to scare him a couple days later with Katniss just for a prank.

Flirting aside, we find out that Finnick loves a girl back at home, miss Annie. Although she’s known to be a little messed up in the head, he’s still so in love with her. Can I get an encore of “awwww”s? 🙂

A powerful man from district four, armed with a trident and a will to survive, it becomes difficult to see such a man fail in anything. He’s known for his knots, and specifically tying them when he’s troubled. We mainly see this in the third book, and he teaches Katniss to stay sane by tying different variations of knots. So although strong, when he has his weak points, he knows how to handle them accordingly.


He’s personally one of my favorite characters, and I’m excited but nervous as to see who’s going to be casted as him in Catching Fire (and obviously Mockingjay). I just hope they don’t pick a totally well known actor for the role because when Finnick comes on screen he has to be seen as that character and not just some actor filling the shoes. Who do you think should be Finnick Odair?

Go district four! And may the odds be ever in your favor.



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