Fan Art: Maximum Ride

There has been talk about Maximum Ride by James Patterson becoming a movie, although it was rumored to be made by this year. However, Patterson is in search for the perfect actors/actresses for the part, so him being picky is drawing the time of the film back. I don’t blame the guy, I’d be picky too if I was to chose the roles for the flock. He’s looking for people not well known to Hollywood, so I’m glad to hear he’s picking fresh faces for his novels.

So, until the movies come out, we are left to imagine the characters in our own heads. Quite frankly I find this to be better than watching people on screen, since the imagination can make any character look whichever way we choose.

I have gathered some art for the Maximum Ride series to share what some people think everyone will look like, as well as to just draw for the sake of drawing. Wings are fun to draw, so I don’t blame them!

All art is from deviantart, so enjoy!

Realistic sketch of Max done by SarahB57. Love the hair! And look at that determination!

Another sketch of Max done by zukopersonalperv. She looks so beautiful!

Not only Max, but her flock in the distance too. It’s a woodburn picture by brando9g. Epic!

Drawing of Iggy by Tallstones. Wonderful drawing, and it made me laugh! Iggy and his explosions 🙂

Fang and Max by Echo-138. Can I get an echo of “awwww”?

Realistic sketch of Fang by ChristyWatchYou. Amazing detail!

Sketch of Iggy by Tallstones. He is so cute here 🙂 That smile!

A realistic sketch of the flock by sakuramelting. Awesome shading, great job!

Drawing of Fang by Tallstones. Look at that face! Awesome!

Realistic sketch of Max by shattertheair. It’s the cover of “Nevermore”, the last book of the Maximum Ride series. Looks so great!

Charcoal sketch of Max by ElfyTay1213. Amazing shading, and awesome presentation overall.

Sketch of Fang by xValkyrieVampire. Awesome wings, and look how strong his face looks!

Sketch of Gazzy by Tallstones. He is so cute! Great drawing of him!

Sketch of Nudge by Tallstones. Cool shading, and I love her face!

Sketch of Angel by Syq. She looks so sad here, but I love how she’s holding her teddy bear and has Total in her lap.

And since I feel like posting up something of my own, here is my realistic sketch of Fang.

That’s all the art for today! Have any that you’d like to share? Let me know and I’ll showcase it later! How do you envision the flock to look like?

Fly on!


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