The story of the two biggest L’s: Love and Leukemia

So, I have two things to speak with you guys today. Since this is a blog about teen novels, I’m introducing you all to a book about the struggles of leukemia. I wanted to bring this novel up to your attention because currently, and sadly, a cousin of mine just got diagnosed with the disease, and it’s opened my eyes to the seriousness of the situation.

I’ll first start off with the novel. It’s entitled, “Don’t Die, My Love” by Lurlene McDaniel. This is a story of a high school couple, and Luke gets diagnosed with cancer. We get to endure the struggles of him going through chemo, and him having to basically toss away the dream of getting a football scholarship because of his illness. Although through the troubles, he has the ultimate support of his friends, family, and his loving girlfriend that never leaves his side. He’s a strong character that doesn’t ever show his weakness, and although it’s an incredibly heavy subject, this novel is something that can’t be overlooked on the shelf. Pick it up and educate yourselves, and also get yourself wrapped in a world where the little things matter. Even standing up is a sign of strength.

Now to the heavy. Like I previously stated, my cousin Greg has just recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He started chemo only two days after it was discovered because of the severity of the situation. If you all don’t know what leukemia really is, it’s basically cancer in the bloodstream. It destroys the red and the white blood cells, and it travels at an extremely fast rate.

It’s so serious that if the chemo doesn’t work for my cousin, then he has a 5% survival rate.

He recently got engaged to a lovely girl, and our family has also just recently suffered the loss of our grandfather to cancer. Greg is in high spirits right now, so I pray every single day for his strength and his courage.

My family started a website to help him, and the link is right here

It has all the info on his progress, and it’s just such a huge support system for not only the whole family, but for Greg himself. He feels very blessed to already have donations and offers of support, and on the website you can donate a little bit too if you’d like, or just be a support system. Leukemia is a very difficult disease, and he needs all the help he can get.

So, readers, keep on living, keep on dreaming, and keep on loving. In a world full of sickness and pain, there’s always that light that shines on us for help. My heart goes out to all families going through any type of cancer or disease ❤

Bless you all!

-Sara R.


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