Fan Art: Hunger Games (Katniss Everdeen)

This fan art day I’d love to dedicate to the Hunger Games trilogy, and this week’s focus is the main character Katniss Everdeen! All artwork is from deviantart 🙂

(featured picture thanks to FriedChicken365 drawing it, and CalyD for coloring it)

Wonderful water colors done by Black-Cherry007! Very realistic, it probably took a long time!

Wow, wonderful paint job of Rue and Katniss by rumonica. That scene was so sad! Look how wonderfully done the mockingjay pin is! Stunning.

Lovin’ this picture drawn by Ratgirlstudios. Her face is priceless! Such a perfect Katniss, it catches her attitude perfectly!

Cool action shot by soyivang. It’s hard drawing action scenes, so very well done! I like the little attention to detail, like the blood on her forehead. The hot colors really make the mood stand out of the urgency, and also goes with the theme of “the girl on fire.”

Awesome! pebbled took a different approach and drew the outfits Katniss wears throughout the whole series! I love the dress that’s on fire, that’s exactly how I pictured it too!

Wow. A realistic painting done by Serena-Kenobi when Katniss is pulled up into the arena. This is absolutely amazing beyond words!

Painting done by daekazu. I liked this one so much because of how realistic Gale is, how Peeta is a bit twisted to look a bit more Peeta-ish (sorry, but Hutcherson isn’t blonde enough for me), and Katniss is uniquely drawn from their imagination. Awesome!

Amazing painting done by len-yan. I love how even the background is extremely detailed, I feel like I’m really there with her. Her face is amazing, and who knows what she’s up to? Going to check snares, looking for Peeta, perhaps just tracking something else? I think this captures the intensity of the book very well, it’s rare to find such a realistic background with a character!

I had to put this one because it made me laugh! Katniss Everdeen doing it Adele style. Good thinking to Jackaloo for drawing this!

Last but certaintly not least, this absolutely beuatiful drawing done by MartAiConan. This is Katniss in “Catching Fire,” right after her wedding dress burns away and she gets turned into the mockingjay. Absolutely stunning!

Check out all of the other artwork that these talented people did on deviantart! Hope you enjoyed all of these peoples’ creativity, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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