Introduction to my series (some funny quotes in here too)

So, I think it’s time for me to introduce into my blogging world my own story/series I’ve been working on. (The main picture of dragon wings was originally drawn by Rotten-Alice on deviantART, and they were originally black. If you’d like to see the original artwork, then you can check it out here). You can check out the main summary under the tab “my writing/series” to get a better picture of what my stories are about, but in short it’s a fantasy series about six teenagers that are born with half of their DNA of a dragon’s. I’m not going to give away the plot because I don’t want anybody snatching my idea, and even if somebody did it’s too late since I’m already sending in my story to agents.

So if you try to plagiarize me, trust me, you will get destroyed.

Enough of the heavy 🙂 I don’t have a series title for it, just the individual titles of each novel, and here they are:

Book one: “The Irises of Flame”

Book two: “Buried Beneath the Fire’s Gaze”

Book three: “The Fall of Bleeding Rain”

Book four (still in progress of writing it as of now): “Inferno of Shadows”

But for now, for the sake of this blog, I’m simply going to call it the “Hayden Cressida” Series, since that’s the main character who does the majority of the narrating.

So, to keep it short, Hayden and the others are a part of a species (they run into more of their kind later) that are hidden in our modern world. They have the claws for feet (as you can imagine, they hate wearing shoes), can breathe fire when they want to (they all have their individual colors of fire), wings for flight, powerful senses, and can extend their nails to talons and pop their jaws out and grow their teeth for an easy kill. So, yes, there is violence in my stories, but they are part animal, and violence is a part of their nature.

Oh, and as fun little additions, things bend against their skin and they’re only harmed by gold. Bullets don’t hurt them, cars bend against them even at 100 mph, just all that good stuff doesn’t even leave a bruise. They also have their individual powers, some kinda basic, but others I made very unique. I’ll go into details of powers when I introduce you to my characters more in depth. But for now, here they are:

Hayden. She’s the leader of the clan, aged at sixteen. She has golden wings with tips of black.

Aryc. (pronounced like Eric) He’s practically second in command, aged at sixteen too. Silver wings and a British background to randomly give a side note, and he’s the only one that breathes ice instead of fire.

Trevor. He’s the tallest and the oldest at seventeen. He has dark green wings with splotches of yellow, and he’s deaf and partially blind. But no worries, he has hearing aids, and is blind in his peripheral vision, so he sees in tunnels. He has the sense of smell much stronger than the others to make up for his “defects,” as he likes to call them.

Amber. I like to call her the stubborn one, but she just wants to do what’s better for the clan, aged at fourteen. She has red wings with black dipped on the top and bottom, and her spikes are so sharp at the end that she’s been known to decapitate someone’s head just by one cut. Graphic, sorry, just getting you warmed up.

Evelyn. The sweet one, aged at thirteen. She’s the only one with feathers for wings instead of spikes and scales, and they’re dark blue.

Mykel. Newest to the clan, he joins them in about 100 pages or so into the first book. He’s silent and reserved at age sixteen, and his wings are dark purple with swirls of black.

Oh, did I forget to mention that their eyes change color to their wing color when they’re mad, upset, or right before they breathe fire? Well, voila! Oh, and they can also growl and screech like dragons would, so they do have a lot of the traits a dragon does, just stuck in a human body.

I know this series sounds only serious, but I promise you that it has a mix of everything. Quite frankly it has a good amount of humor in it too because no matter what these six go through, they always try to laugh it through so things don’t seem so dark. They’re just a high spirited bunch, so I’m going to quote some things to give you a feel of this story a bit 🙂

(in a part of the note to the reader that Aryc always writes):

“We are real, but don’t be looking around  for us because we are masters of blending into the crowd. You don’t want to find us anyway. Seriously. You don’t. You can tell I’m being serious from using such curt sentences.”

(Hayden narration):

“I shrug in response and lean my forehead against the gate to try and evaluate the situation for the one-hundreth time.

Stuck in a cage, la la la. Not going anywhere, la la la. But this is all just a phase, la la la. Trap us if you dare, mwah-ha-ha!

Now time for the chorus! Doo doo doo doo, stuck in this–

Okay, shut up, self.”

(after getting captured, Hayden pov)

“Ah, Hayden, just the woman I wanted to see. So sad you left last time, it would’ve been so much easier to just settle it all then,” Cale says as he enters the room.

I look over at him and ask, “Oh, you decided to join the party? We’re playing musical chairs.” I lean forward as much as I can and whisper, “But I totally have my bets on me.”

“Yes, you are the quick one,” Aryc agrees.

Cale sits a chair next to me so both Aryc and I can look at him with ease. Not like I enjoy that, quite frankly I’ve seen better. Plus I think guys who capture you aren’t really ones to put on your dating list.

“Good to see you’re in a good mood,” Cale says, flipping through a folder.

“Oh, that’s cute you’re all organized and everything,” I observe.

“Oh, that’s cute seeing you helpless and chained to a chair,” Cale says and briefly looks up at me then back to his papers.

“Wow, that one really hurt, I don’t think I can heal from that one.”

“I think he likes seeing you all chained up, Hayden. Guys are into weird sexual thrills nowadays,” Aryc states.

“Oh, that explains why he wants me. Men,” I exaggerate rolling my eyes, and Aryc chuckles behind me. Tie me to a chair in chains? Please, no problem, I’ll still laugh about it.

(from Mykel’s pov, when they first let him around their clan)

“Hayden?” I hear Aryc whisper.

She groans as a response.

“Sure this is a good idea?”

“What is? Sleeping?”

I try not to smile with amusement at her sarcasm, that’s probably the best thing I like about Hayden. There’s just something I’m attracted to with her, but not in a relationship way in case you were wondering. I guess that’s why I can never kill her like my dad wants me to, I just don’t want to.

“No, with Mykel.”

I try to keep still at the mention of my name so they think I’m asleep. Eavesdropping, what a wonderful invention.

“Do we have to talk about this?” she groans as she stretches a little.

“It’s only two in the morning.”

“Only? Are you on crack or something?”

“Last time I checked, no.”

“Don’t have to lie to me, Aryc.”

I can pretty much imagine him rolling his eyes, but instead I hear him chuckle very softly. He laughs at her sarcasm? People do that? I always thought people got annoyed with it.

“Oh, you caught me.”

“I knew it.”

“Anyway, with Mykel. I know he saved us…” duh, you idiot! “…but I can’t help but wonder if he’s just getting info from us for his dad.”

“I wouldn’t even know what that info would be, Aryc.”

“On our whereabouts? Or maybe, I don’t know, stuff.”

“What kind of stuff? Our pant size? I’ll let Mykel know tomorrow that I’m a size three.”

“I don’t know, just other stuff. Maybe our weaknesses so they can use it against us?”

“Should I let him know your weakness is cookie dough ice cream?”

(in DC, keeping to dialogue b/c the description gets too long)

Mykel: “Where’s the library at?”

Hayden: “Good question. Maybe ask somebody?”

Trevor: “Nah, we’ll just find it.”

Hayden: “What is up with men and refusing to ask for directions?”

Trevor: “What’s up with women and wanting to ask complete strangers for directions when that person could be a serial killer and now they’d know where you’re going?”

Aryc: “Nice one!”

Hayden: “People in movies always get killed when they’re lost.”

Trevor: “And how many movies have you seen, exactly?”

Hayden: “Like fifteen.”

Trevor: “Get me more evidence, and then I’ll let you win. Until then, this is a point for the men.”

Hayden: (mumbles) “You’re such a loser.”

Trevor: “A loser that beats you in an argument?”

Hayden: “We didn’t have an argument, we were merely just having a discussion.”

Trevor: “A discussion that I beat you in.”

Hayden: (rolls eyes)

(while Mykel is on sugar high)

“Hey, guys?” Mykel asks as he turns his head away from the pillow so he can breathe.

“What?” a few of us ask.

“Why are there so many stars? Like, seriously? Why? Are they like bunnies and have sex with each other to overpopulate the sky? What whores.”

“What the hell?” I ask and lift my head up.

Everyone lifts their heads up too, and as if in sync we all start laughing all over again.

So much for an early night sleep.

(Mykel’s pov, after getting briefly captured)

“The bag slips off from my head, so I take in a breath to take in fresh oxygen. I quickly scan my eyes around me to assess the situation, and I find myself sitting in a chair under a light, while the rest of the room is filled with darkness. I look down to see my arms facing upward and chained to the armrests, while my legs are shackled to the chair.

And what’s the first thing I think to myself? Is it: wow, I’m really screwed. Or is it this: wow, what a cliché place to wake up to.

Yup, you guessed it, it’s option two. I mean come on, how freaking Holleywood is it to be trapped to a chair under a light while the rest of the room is dark? Did people decide it’s cool to only pay for one lightbulb for their electrical bill?”

(Hayden narration)

“Trevor purposely looks up at the ceiling to ignore my comment, probably just so he has an excuse to not show emotions. But, who knows, there may be a deadly spider up there plotting to bite him and turn him into some weird, half DNA’ed freak. But then again…it’s kind of too late for that one.”

More to come later, but I just wanted to warm you up a bit to the things I write 🙂 I’ll introduce the characters more later, but for now I’ll leave it as it is right now! Have any questions or want to read some more, I’ll happily lend you a few pages to check out 🙂

I’ll be signing off with my moto for my series that Aryc says at one point. “Take your strengths and cherish it, conquer it, and most importantly: soar with it.”

-Sara R.


2 comments on “Introduction to my series (some funny quotes in here too)

  1. Hey!! Do you have a date for when the Irises of Flame will be out in book stores? I know it will take a while, but I am seriously hooked on your series. (That sounds a little weird, I know, sorry.) You have great voice and humor in you writing. It reminds me of another of my favorite authors, James Patterson.

    • That’s not weird at all, I love the support! 🙂 It’s hard to set a date right now, I’m in the process of editing the first, and I’m passing it on to a couple personal editors I know for extra checking. If I was to estimate, then I think around November or December this year if I’m lucky. I’ll be starting a FB page and blog for the series soon, so I’ll link that on here once it gets going. Thanks for asking 🙂
      And I love James Patterson too! I got a lot of inspiration from him, he’s a great author.

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