“Catching Fire” Arena

So, I think a lot of us are curious as to the arena in “Catching Fire.” Katniss gets called in to compete again in the Games, this time around it’s called the Quatar Quell. It’s held with previous victors, one male and one female from each district, to compete once again against each other.

First off, we get introduced to a few new characters. Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, Beetee, and Wiress. These are Katniss’ allies in the arena, and of course Peeta competes with her as well; Peeta volunteers when Haymitch gets called to compete, just so he can be with Katniss and fight for her.

But this time around, it’s Katniss’ goal to keep Peeta alive. And as we come to realize, that’s everyone else’s goal too. But of course Katniss doesn’t realize that this is all just a plan in a bigger picture…

So, what is in the arena? Well, let’s step into the first thing Katniss sees when raised above the ground: “Something seems to be wrong with my vision. The ground is too bright and shiny and keeps undulating. I squint down at my feet and see that my metal plate is surrounded by blue waves that lap up over my boots. Slowly I raise my eyes and take in the water spreading out in every direction.

I can only form one clear thought.

This is no place for a girl on fire.” (p.263)

There you have it: this place is full of water. So, what else is there? The “fun” only starts here!

Quick review of weapons: Katniss has her arrows, and mister Finnick Odair has his trident (he’s from district four, the district of fishing). These two as allies? Amazing weapon. Katniss drawing thanks to friedChicken365 and Finnick drawing thanks to Patsie on deviantART


Here we go with the elements of the arena. It’s structured as a clock (as Wiress figures out, clever woman), each hour holding a new horror that the Gamemakers have constructed. Some of the hours are a mystery, but here is the sketch that Peeta constructed of the hours they know about:

Hour 1-2: Blood Rain

Hour 2-3: Fog

Hour 3-4: Monkeys

Hour 4-5: JabberJays

Hour 5-6: Beast

Hour 6-10: Unknown

Hour 10-11: Wave

Hour 11-12: Insects with pincers

Hour 12-1: Lightening

Let me break it down more for you. (drawing thanks to shadenightfox on deviantART)

Blood Rain

We don’t get to see much of this element, but as you can imagine, it’s literally a blood bath. *knee slap* 😀


This is one of the first things we run into. It’s fast and vicious, anyone that gets caught up in it gets suffocated and practically has a seizure. Finnick’s partner dies in this one, she purposely walks into the fog so that Finnick can carry Peeta to safety instead of her. Very emotional scene. Oh, I believe the fog also damages the skin.


These guys are a crazy bunch. First running into them they were peaceful in the trees, but once their hour hit, they went bananas *another knee slap* It’s a very intense fight scene with these monkeys, to say the least.


Yup, another bird experimentally gone wrong. These guys mock any pitch they hear and exert it back. In this case, these Jabberjays have acquired the sounds of people screaming, or to be more specific: Katniss’ loved ones, like Gale and Prim. A thick piece of glass keeps them in to hear the torture of these screams, so they’re forced to listen to this for an hour. You can imagine them trying to keep their sanity. Oh, and Finnick gets stuck in here too, and he has to listen to the loved one of his Annie screaming.


We never get to see this beast, we only get to see people getting lifted from this part of the arena, their bodies horribly mangled.


I think this one is self explanatory: huge wave. Wipes out a lot of stuff.

Insects with pincers

We never see this sector of the arena, but Katniss, Finnick, and Beetee hypothesized that they existed at this hour of the arena.


Also self explanatory, and this lightening is dang vicious! Beetee uses this lightening to his advantage later in the story.

Those are the elements of the arena! What happens there I’ll leave up to readers, or for those of you lazy butt’s, when the next movie comes out in 2013.

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Just remember…

tick, tock…tick, tock…

 (artist: Innray on deviantART, and featured image thanks to Dannyboy974)


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