Fan Art: Hunger Games (Peeta Mellark)

Today I bring you fan art from the website deviantart, and today’s character is Peeta Mellark! The boy with the bread 🙂 To be honest, although I think Hutcherson did a good job, I just pictured Peeta a little differently. Taller, bulkier, kind of a softer voice. But I know these things can be hard to pick out of actors, so I’m just glad they picked someone who could actually act! And thanks for the featured drawing of Katniss and Peeta, done by chelsea-bee!

Anyway, let’s see how other people envision him 🙂

I love how friedChicken365 did Peeta here, instead of just the cliche “boy with the bread” thing going on. Although we get introduced to Peeta’s talents in the first book, in the second we come across his talents of painting on canvases. He ends up showing Katniss a bunch of scenes from the Games, and she hates them since they’re so realistic. I love Peeta’s face in the drawing!

Wow! Check out this realistic drawing by StreetWalker7! That’s amazing detail and shading.

Here’s a closer look at Mockingjay, so people who haven’t read, then spoiler! I love how MariaSunderland visualized what Peeta would look like in his worst of times. To quote in the book: “No. Don’t take the handcuffs off. They help hold me together. When I feel myself slipping, I dig my wrists into them, and the pain helps me focus.” -Peeta

I like this one by AznNerd because I think people tend to forget that Peeta was on fire too!

AMClaussen drew Peeta the day that they reunited after the Games. I love how they drew him! He doesn’t look too young, and doesn’t look like an adult either, so it’s awesome! And I love the hair!

Aww, I like how O-Aredhel-O did Peeta here, back in district 12 doing his little pastries. What do you think he’s writing? I think Katniss’ name 🙂

SatelliteGhost paints the boy with the bread. I love the use of colors in this painting, it makes him look pure in some way, which Peeta is. Love how they depicted that even just through color!

Real or not real? A peek into Mockingjay, kara-lija draws Peeta and Katniss lying in bed together 🙂 It’s hard to find pictures of Peeta by himself, usually he’s paired with miss Katniss. Beautifully done!

Realistic drawing done by khinson. Wonderfully done!


Check out more artwork at deviantART! All of the artists I introduced you to have more in their gallery, so make sure to check out more of their stuff!

Keep on being artistic, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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