Fan Art Friday: Fire, Hunger Games Style

Fire Friday!

What better way to celebrate the entrancing element of fire than to celebrate it Hunger Games style! Today I bring you fan art of Katniss and Peeta, and of course with the idea of fire in hand. Every art piece is brought to you by deviantART, and make sure to check out the artists’ profile too to see what other pieces they’ve done! ūüôā

Featured image thanks to rumonica!

palnk‘s interpretation of Katniss’ wedding dress burning away to show Cinna’s creation of the Mockingjay. I love her face!

Oh, I’m in love with¬†Patsie‘s drawing! Katniss looks so elegantly dangerous! The detail of the fire is outstanding!

I think Appelmos gives us a little peek into Mockingjay. In it, Katniss is equipped with different arrows for battle, and one of them sets on fire. The fiercer side of fire for sure.

Wow! Look at this realistic art done by nma-art. I love the colors and how the fire becomes a part of her hair. Beautiful!

Another wedding dress interpretation done by Patsie. I love how the background looks like the fire is smoldering just like her dress!

Oh-la-la! Peeta and Katniss at the beginning of the Games. I love how¬†martinacecilia¬†did the fire here, that’s exactly how I pictured it too!

Ah! Loving this by¬†Jandruff! Such intensity, and that’s amazing how they put faces in the fire too! That’s the fierce Katniss that we all know!

Aw! I’ve never seen a chariot ride done like this one by¬†palnk. I love Peeta’s smile, and how Katniss is blowing a kiss ūüôā And the fire looks stunning and so elegant too!

fictograph¬†does their own version of Katniss’ interview dress for the first Games. I love how the dress has a braid on it too, and how the bottom has a small hint of fire yet to come!

The wedding dress is entirely burned away now, and Katniss has been turned into Cinna’s creation of the Mockingjay. Very well done by¬†MartAiConan!

I wanted to add something unique and different too by¬†Munchkinmay. They took a picture of their sibling’s eye and put the mockingjay pin reflecting inside of it. I thought this was really creative, and it makes it look like fire!

And last but not least is this piece of art done by lizzomarek. Katniss: the girl who was on fire. I love her dress, her face, the fire, I just love everything! Fantastic job!

Beautiful artwork! And may the odds be ever in your favor this weekend! For instance, not being set on fire ūüôā


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