Why I hate electronic books

Alright, it seems to be a huge craze to have one of these technological thingababobs, but quite frankly they annoy the living daylights out of me. First of all, the statistic that more people are buying it is totally skewed. What do people buy it for? I’ve ran across an abundance of people that buy it just to play games on it and all that, so if you think buying a nook or whatever will make help you join the crowd then just forget about that theory. Who likes mainstream anyway? Ha! Just keep to your fancy little ipads and such to play your games, yes? Which I can argue with too, but that’s another topic all entirely.

Okay, sure, these gadgets can hold a lot of books at the same time. Tell me, when are you going to carry around a whole flippin’ library in your purse? Oh, right,Β never. It takes up less space than a regular book? Okay, so apparently it’s hard nowadays to hold something extra in your hands. Even though a nook can be just the same length as a book…

Not the same width, sure. But why not flaunt you’re carrying around a huge book, eh? You’ll look smarter! Unless you’re carrying the dictionary or something, then you may look a little…yikes…

Anyway, speaking of money, I hear the books are sold cheaper electronically. Okay, I’ll give these guys that. But I’d personally rather spend the money on the book and help the author further succeed than buy a cheap one. And yes, I’m aware that more people buy cheaper things, but still, I guess I’m just being biased. So, okay, I’ll give these electronic book things the benefit of being cheap. Dang it, cheapness! You always win! Humbug!

Again with taking up less space, I can understand how people don’t want a huge pile of books. Personally I think that’s freaking awesome. A whole bookshelf in your study full of awesome books? Epic! And you can totally make one the trigger switch for a secret passageway. Not really, but you get my drift. Also, having an entire bookshelf in your home makes you look a lot more knowledgeable than just holding a little nook gadget.

I’ve heard that there are glitches. And guess what? *gasp* no glitches in paper! Concept! Go ahead and throw your novel against the wall! Did it freak out on you? Nope! Did it land on a weird page? Oops! Not page 13! Oh, heavens!

More technology=a strain of the eyes. A lot of us are on computers already, either if it’s for school work, writing (like moi), or just plain browsing the Internet. Do you really think our eyes need to suffer another screen to stare at?

Oh, and I saw this commercial the other day where they have a light in the background now for nooks or whatever they’re called, and it just made me slap my forehead. There’s something called a booklight already, you know, for original books…

Exhibit A: And, oh my gosh…

May there be light here too!!

Plus, let’s face it, I think being able to actually hold the book is wonderful too. As I read, I flip my thumb through the edges of the pages. Each book has its own personality. Some pages are rougher, some are soft, some are thick while others are thin, some have those pages that are so thin and soft that you have to double make sure you flipped one page instead of two by accident. Β And each book has a history. The smell of a new book and the smell of an old, you can’t just get that over technology.

We’ve just be advancing every single way of living to technology, and in some way we’re turning it into Fahrenheit 451. If you don’t know the book, it’s about all of the books around the world being burned, and some people have memorized some just so that they can be preserved. Now, I’m not saying we’re getting rid of books, just hear me out. We’re starting to slide down a path of everything technology, heck, how do you think you’re reading this right now? And if it keeps going down, granted this is rash, but books will just go down the drain all entirely. Why turn everything into technology? Why can’t we just enjoy the pleasure of picking up a book and reading it? How is that so difficult? Advertizements try to persuade us that this technology is better, but jeez, do we really need it? I’d rather carry around all of my books with pride. Yup, even the school textbooks.

Some things in history we need to leave alone and leave as wonderful as it is. Through time we’ve improved our cars and our houses, but through time we’ve changed books with the way they’re written. They get constructed differently through time just as any car or house, and to completely change the way we read it is just…I don’t know…just feels so wrong to me. Reading should just be reading, but I suppose the thought of not being able to hold the book or touch the pages just gives me the jitters. Turning it into a typed thing on screen strips away its personality, and I think that we can live with ourselves if we at least leave one thing alone in the technological world we’re surrounded in today. Books are to be held and loved in that fashion, so enjoy it, and take your technology elsewhere.

Keep on reading, and keep on loving those paperback books! And, okay, some hardback πŸ™‚

-Sara R.


6 comments on “Why I hate electronic books

  1. I TOTALLY agree! I was going to do a post on the same thing! I can’t stand e-readers! I really wish they would all of a sudden have some horrible effect and be pulled off the shelves LOL! Awesome post! Now, here’s for hoping that we’re not the only two who think this…

      • I wish they didn’t make them too, it’s very sad the thought of books becoming a technology too. I’m so stubborn, my mass comm teacher told me that it’d be a good idea to publish electronically b/c people are getting more money that way and it’ll become more popular, but forget about that, I’d rather go through it the hard way and the RIGHT way than have an electronic book πŸ˜› I just don’t understand people nowadays lol

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