Novels Aren’t the Only Way to Tell a Story

So, I think it’s kind of obvious that novels aren’t the only way to tell a story. There are the short stories, the verbal anecdotes we tell every day, and even some poetry can tell a story. But today I want to focus on what we hear every day: music.

I think a lot of us can realize that songs can speak of our emotions, but a lot tell stories too. Today I was listening to this one song (I’m introducing it later), and it made me realize that songs can do so much more than just express emotion. Some songs are seriously like a story, and it made me want to come on here and share some of the lyrics and songs that I’m talking about.

I’ll just introduce you to a few 🙂 And the videos all have the lyrics on them too.

First I give you the song I was listening to today. It’s called “Blood” by The Middle East. At first while hearing this song I wasn’t really sure of what the lyrics were, and it just made me feel so happy to be alive based on the beat. But when I actually read the lyrics, I felt my heart heavy yet lift from the realization that this song tells a sad story. But you should listen to it and enjoy it, songs can put so much emphasis on reality.

This one always makes me cry, but in a good way. This song is a bit older, it’s called “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. Being a daughter, I find myself always choking up with this song. And yes, I am going to play this on my wedding day (sorry for sharing such a girly moment!). It’s about a father singing to his little girl through her life up to her wedding day, and how he’s honored to be able to give her butterfly kisses at night. Such a beautiful song.

Another one is one that was pretty mainstream, but I want to say this one anyway for the sake of a song being like a story. It’s called “How to Save a Life” by The Fray. I just think that this is a very powerful song that goes through the “steps” of how to save a life, and how people can react to it. Actually, I ended up writing a short story based off of the song (I may post it sometime, who knows).

Last one I introduce you to is “Set Fire to the Third Bar” by Snow Patrol. This song/story is about the distance of a couple, and it’s just very sweet.

There you have it, novels aren’t the only things that can tell a story. Listen in closer to songs and have that discovery yourself, and you never know, you may come to find that their story will fit your own.

Keep on reading, and keep on loving those songs that have a meaningful story to the beat!

-Sara R.



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