The Body Of Christopher Creed

It’s totally awesome book Tuesday! Today I bring you “The Body of Christopher Creed” by Carol Plum-Ucci. Here’s the synopsis:

“Christopher Creed was a freak, a weirdo–the kind of kid who makes other people feel uncomfortable. But even more disconcerting was his disappearance. Was it murder? Suicide? Abduction? Or did Chris Creed just run away? He’s simply gone without a trace, and nobody in his small hometown of Steepleton knows what to think.

The only apparent clue–a cryptic e-mail message written twenty-four hours before Chris turned up missing–draws sixteen-year-old Torey Adams into the mystery and sets him on a path filled with terror and pain. Soon vicious accusations are flying around Steepleton, pitting friends against one another. And the truth just keeps getting more twisted. Will Torey ever find out what really happened to Chris Creed?”

So, let me break it down a little more for you.

The mystery sets right in of Chris’s disappearance, and we only get snippets of the past of Chris there, just to see what his personality was kind of like. But anyway, Torey (in the book people mainly refer to him by last name: Adams) is introduced to us with a few of his friends (it’s first person narration, by the way), and I suppose you can call them the “popular kids.” Oh, but don’t worry, it’s not like some cliche book about the football players and cheerleaders and blah, blah, blah, this is about Chris being missing. One of Torey’s friends hacks into the school system to read Chris’s “suicide” note as they liked to call it, and Torey is disturbed to see his name mentioned in his letter.

That’s when he starts to get absorbed into the mystery.

At first it’s fun and games to try and figure out what exactly happened to him, but Torey’s friends are more of the jokesters as to trying to find where Chris’s body may be. But Torey isn’t like his friends, he tells them to shut up when they joke about it, and slowly but surely things start getting a little twisted in the drama department.

But of course although there’s the drama, there’s the issue itself: what in the world happened to Chris? We follow Torey along the way as he tries to figure out this compelling mystery, and all of the people and the stories he comes across along the way keeps the reader intrigued and thirsty to get to the end.

Here are some good quotes from the novel:

“People only see as far as they are able and the rest of the truth is lost on them.”

“People will do and think whatever it is they have to in order to survive.”

“Nobody stopped believing that other people were more guilty than they were. Why do people have so much trouble seeing their own faults but such an easy time seeing everyone else’s?”

“ ‘People used to say I was weird,’ he said. ‘I used to care. But I don’t anymore. People shouldn’t care, people shouldn’t use words like weird once you hit junior year. Everyone’s weird. That’s the way I look at it.’ ”

This is a mysterious novel that keeps up the suspense nonstop, and it’s a quick read too, only 248 pages. I finished it in one day 🙂 It’s an awesome book for any of those thriller/suspense/mystery lovers.

Just remember: things don’t have to be sane when they’re normal.

Keep on reading!

-Sara R.


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