Spread Your Wings and Soar

So, a few days ago I was writing in my novel and wrote a scene about one of my characters finally freeing himself from his past, even through all of the torment, abuse, and hatred. He realized how his life is now, and he didn’t need his father’s approval anymore to feel the wonderful sense of freedom.

Also, just to add on, this guy has wings. So, literally, he can feel like he can fly free. At one point another character of mine says, “That day I realized that even animals with wings can’t always be free.” And to have another character of mine truly feel that freedom really inspired me to look at my own life like that.

So, this morning after my dream (probably a weird one at that), my brain naturally thought of a few things that were positive (although very small), and I just said to myself, “You know what, my life is pretty dang good.” This morning made me realize that I have to start doing this every single morning of my life because life is good and it is wonderful. Even the small things. Here, let me show you what small little things I felt so happy about, and trust me, they’re not that big of a deal:

-My teacher didn’t scorn me yesterday for answering something, I finally got something right in my critical thinking class.

-I had a late conversation with the guy I like to no end.

-I can see with both eyes, and not just one (dreamt I was blind in one eye, but I thank my stories for that connection)

See? Very random things that popped into my head this morning, and yet I had the epiphany that my life is really dang good. I want more mornings like this, for sure!

So it got me thinking: how can I make other people feel this way too? Well, I’m going to on a small rant.

Reasons why you should be happy with your life:

-You’re beautiful. Now, I know it’s cliche to say everybody is beautiful in some way, but just hear me out. There are different kinds of beauty, whether it be looks, soul, or innocence. Find your beauty and cherish it. Smile a little more, talk to a bit more people, and just let your heart open to the world. The world around us is only dark if we perceive it that way, the light is always there for us even if we sometimes have to search a little harder to find it. You never know, smiling to a random stranger just may save their life.

-There’s always happiness. Of course there are the bad situations in our lives, and go on ahead and let out your sadness, it’s perfectly normal. But even in those dark times, we gotta look at the bright side of things in order to stay sane. To tell you a part of my own life, my mother passed away while I was in eighth grade from drinking too much. The last few years of her life she wasn’t herself, and quite frankly I can honestly say I was considering to live with my friends instead; I asked my dad once if they’d divorce. Through the heartache of watching her slowly pass away, that’s when I started to see the light and understand. Family isn’t there for a lifetime and can be taken any moment, so you have to cherish every single family member in your life; trust me, no matter how much you think you “hate” a person, you’ll never want to see them pass away. Even through my mother’s passing I saw the bright side of it all: I still have my father and sister, my mother is in a better place where she’s herself again, and I’ll be a stronger mother and never succumb to a drinking problem. I can proudly say I never drink.

So find your happiness and put on that beautiful smile. You are a beauty that no one can ever replace, so love yourself a little more and smile that much brighter.

-Your health. Of course I don’t know everyone’s situation that’s reading this, but let me say the basics that a lof of people take for granted. Walking, standing, seeing, hearing, moving, chewing, talking, feeling; no coughing or sneezing, constant back pains, broken bones, cancer, burns, or torn up flesh. Every day that we wake up, we see something. A lot of people can’t even do that. We walk around and complain about our shoes or maybe a small pain in our back, while the paralyzed have a wheelchair to worry about. Heck, even the people in the world that are sick or disabled see the world with bright souls, and we should learn from them. No amount of an obstacle can get in the way of our happiness. So go on out for a run and enjoy the smells of nature. Go and create something, those hands aren’t broken or tethered. Your health keeps you alive and radiant, and keeping it that way brings constant happiness to your world.

-The little things. I think everybody should appreciate the little things some more, they really can improve our life even if for an instant. Here are my favorite little things: staring up at the stars, having my favorite food for dinner, getting a good grade in school, finishing a book, sliding on my socks in the kitchen, aiming a piece of trash at the trashcan and GETTING IT IN, watching a favorite movie, singing a favorite song at the top of my lungs, stepping on crunchy leaves, and catching the pen before it hits the ground like a ninja! These little things bring a moment of bliss and peace. So find those little things and enjoy them.

-Your soul. Through all of the chaos around us that boils us and pressures us to do drugs or alcohol or any of that stuff, it’s your soul that keeps everything pure. We have the choice to stand up for ourselves. We have the ability to do what we really want to do, rather than shaping to what others want. We are our own creation, not someone else’s master work. We are who we are, and you should close your eyes and search through everything that makes you who you are. Don’t like something? You have the power to change it. Even in darkness we have the strength the push ourselves through and do something to keep us sane. Our souls are more powerful than any kind of physical beauty, so cherish it. Your soul is as pure and beautiful as you want it to be.

I’ve got a challenge for you: write all of the things you love about yourself. To make it easy, focus on the outside first. Don’t like your whole face? Well, like your eyes? Maybe your lips are perfect too. Little things, my friends, you have to pick them out and write them down. Then go to the deeper things. Maybe you like how you’re social, or maybe you like being quiet because it lets you observe the world around you. Go on ahead and just list all of the things, and don’t even care if the list goes on for a very long time.

Post it up somewhere on your wall. Each day you read one thing from that list, give yourself a smile, and go on with the rest of your day.

Life is just so precious and wonderful, and you have the power to make it so. Even when things seem bleak or difficult, you aren’t alone and you don’t have to suffer. Look toward yourselves and the happiness you have deep inside, and sooner or later it’ll be able to come out and shine brighter than any natural light in this world. Spread your wings and soar, that freedom isn’t only felt with animals with wings, you can feel that freedom and pure bliss too.

Here’s a link to a great playlist that just makes you happy to be alive: The Happiest Playlist

Get up and be happy to be you, and know that your life is worth living. Live your dreams. Live your happiness. Just go out and live 🙂

-Sara R.


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