Alright Maximum Ride lovers, the release date to the last book in the series is counting down for “Nevermore” It comes out August 6th, so mark it on your calendars!

I’m personally not a huge fan of the title, but oh well, I suppose I can’t complain too much! So, apparently this book will answer all of our questions in the series, and the ending (according to James Patterson) may not be how we wanted it to end.

Eeeek! That can mean so many things! So, I think I should make a list of questions that’ll hopefully be answered in this last novel to this epic series. And if you haven’t read all of the books up until this one, then I warn you, my questions will have spoilers in them. Try and catch up, readers! The last one is almost here!

-What side is Jeb really on? And will Max ever forgive him for what he’s done to her?

-Will Angel make it out of wherever she got captured in the ending of “Angel”? Where is she captured to begin with?

-What happened to Ella? Will she get experimented on too?

-What ever happened to the “redheaded wonder” that Fang was crushing on in the fourth book? Wasn’t Max warned that she could possibly be working for the evil side?

-Will Fang ever join the flock again? Will Max ever be okay with Maya?

-Will Jeb and Dr. Martinez be okay? Where did they go anyway?

-What event is the end of the world? How will Max save it?

-Will a flock member die? (Rumor has it that may happen).

-Will Iggy ever get his eyesight back?

-Is Dylan officially a part of their flock now?

-Will the rest ever find their parents?

Hopefully all of those things are covered! I wonder how long the book will be, hopefully a big ol’ chunk that’s like 600 plus pages long 🙂 that’d be great! Do you have any questions that you want answered?

As for my own predictions for the books, it’s really hard to say. I mean, I have no idea what “saving the world” consists of. And my gosh if it’s about global warming again I swear I’m going to smack Patterson on the side of the head. Give us explosions and epic fights, not some crap about cleaning penguins in Antarctica. Thank you!

As for the little love triangle business, I have a feelings that won’t be the biggest issue in the last book, considering this will be the last big HOORAH! I think it’ll be more focused on the actual problems at hand instead of Max’s love life, and I think she would prefer it that way too. I’m iffy about who she’d end up with, but I suppose I’ll just have to see how that plays out. I think Max could do well with both guys because quite frankly although Fang has always been there, Dylan just knows how to bring out her happier side. Let me make a comparison here. In “The Hunger Games” Katniss is focused more on taking down the capital (just like Max is concerned with the whole end of the world thing), and she was having issues of Gale or Peeta, even though that wasn’t her main focus (just like Max). Gale had been there her whole life and was her hunting buddy (just like Fang has always been there to fight with her), while Peeta brought out the softer side of her heart. Katniss chooses Peeta in the end because he’s the brightness in her life, while Gale was a fighter, and she didn’t need any more fire that she already had inside of her. Fang is kind of like Gale, and Dylan is kind of like Peeta. They’re two different people that offer different things for Max. I know the whole “Dylan was created in a lab and it’s freaky how he’s designed to be in love with her” thing, but I’ve grown to be okay with the guy. Once you get past the weirdness, he’s alright. To remind you all, it’s not Dylan’s fault that Fang left. Fang left because he didn’t want to endanger the others. Just saying.

That was a long rant.

Anyway, as for the others, I’m not really sure how it’ll all play out. I think Jeb is on Max’s side, and I got that vibe from him a long while back; he just got on the inside to get more info so he can better protect his daughter. Yeah he’s screwed up for barely paying attention to his own son, but I don’t know…I think he’s in the right place.

I think Angel is entirely on Max’s side again. But who knows, she may still want to be a leader in another aspect.

Oh, and whatever happened to the clone of Nudge and Angel anyway? Oh my gosh, wouldn’t that be creepy if the clones were there the whole time and no one knew? Oh jeez I’m freaking out just thinking about that! Poor men, they don’t get cloned.

As for the ending, I’m not really sure how it’ll all play out. Of course Max will almost die at some point, but I don’t see Patterson completely killing her off. If he were to kill off a huge main character, then it’d probably be Angel. Maybe she dies by protecting Max? Not sure, really. I think it’ll be a sad but good ending all in one. I just think in the end he’ll give us a message that although a sad sacrifice can take place, we can still live our lives with our wings spread (literally or not) and soar onward to better things.

Only 26 days left until the book is out, and don’t worry, I’ll be posting a review right after I’m done reading it! Which I think will only take me a day or two 🙂

What are your predictions for the last book in the Maximum Ride series?

Fly on!


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