Song Parody: The Hunger Games

My goodness, I haven’t posted anything in a week. Curse summer school homework!

I have to get back to doing that anyway, but I figure I can put down a parody I wrote a few months ago. I wrote some new lyrics to that song “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, so keep in mind that beat while you read. It’s from Peeta’s point of view, so enjoy 🙂

In denial, in denial

that’s just what you are.

Oh I’m sure you didn’t notice

me until reaping day.


Remember that one night

when I came outside,

and you were sitting in the rain?

I tossed you some bread,

my love for you unsaid.

Oh, but I just have to say…



I’ll compete in the games with you,

Take a slash in the leg for you,

Oh, I’ll take a jacker sting for you,

I’ll even die of nightlock with you.

I will never leave your side,

they will never take away our pride.

Oh, I’d die for you, Katniss,

it’s better me than you.


It’s better me than you (oh)


When you sing, everything

slows their pace to hear.

Oh, it feels the same

in that cave

where with you I have no fear.


I say your name while I’m asleep,

Even at times when I feel weak.

I feel complete when I’m with you.

You are my girl on fire,

the one that I desire.

Oh, but I just have to say…




If my mind goes astray

I want you to promise me one thing

You have to make me a deal,

Is it real or not real?

(Is it real or not real? x2)




End of song, woo! Do you have any fan fiction writing? Let me know and I can feature it on my blog! 🙂

Happy Tuesday, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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