Fan Art Friday: Catching Fire

I’m so excited for Catching Fire to come out next year! So I decided to snoop around deviantART to share some fan art of the next novel in the Hunger Games series. Some of this artwork has some spoilers in it, so be warned. And thanks to Dannyboy974 for the featured image of the arena. Enjoy 🙂

And I just recently added another post of fan art just for Catching Fire! You can see it here

Katniss and Gale kissing, done by friedChicken365. I love Katniss’ reaction, just how I pictured it in the book!

Love this depiction of Gale, Katniss, and Peeta done by RohanElf. I love how they made the characters look older than they are, since going through such difficult times ages a person’s face. Great job!

Quick sketch done by Catching-Smoke of Peeta and Katniss sitting together as Peeta draws plants in a notebook. I think this is also the part when she briefly gets obsessed with his eyelashes, but no matter ^_^

Amazing water color painting done by AriesNamarie when Katniss and Peeta visit Rue’s district. Water colors are so hard, yet the detail is fantastic!

Lovin this artwork by SimplyDelightfulx. Finnick Odair and Katniss Everdeen while he offers her a sugar cube for her secrets. Awesome scene 🙂

Yay! Drawing of Cinna by friedChicken365. This is how I pictured him too 🙂 He gets a lot closer with Katniss in the second book.

The scene after Gale gets whipped and gets brought back to Katniss’ home is drawn here by SimplyDelightfulx. I absolutely love Katniss’ expression and Gale’s face too, so very well done!

This one is pretty cool! The scene when Katniss twirls around in her wedding dress and turns into the mockingjay, artwork done by papier-crane

And I had to save the best for last. A painting of Finnick Odair by alicexz. To put it simple…*drools* Very well done!


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