Top Pet Peeves of the Internet


Technology is a beautiful thing, and never before have we been able to grab information and transfer it at faster speeds. The Internet is a recent phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, and yet even with such a fantastic technology, there are the disadvantages. So, I give you my top pet peeves of the Internet. Enjoy πŸ™‚


1. Cookies.


No, I don’t mean the little cookies you eat, although I really would rather prefer the computer to hand me a fresh cookie each morning. Yum! The cookies I’m talking about are these little gadgets that websites slap onto your computer like some annoying bug. Why? Websites place cookies on your computer so they can track where you go, and from there they can sell you advertisements accordingly. So, in other words, having cookies is like having tiny stalkers on your computer. I know cookies helps the computer automatically log me into websites that I’m too lazy to log out of, but other than that, I get kinda creeped out with the thought of people tracking everywhere I go. Like, hello…stalker alert!! I know I’m not going anywhere online that’s fishy, like selling crack or something, but I still get paranoid. Not paranoid yet? Well, get ready for number two.


2. Google.


Don’t get me wrong, I freaking adore gooooooooooooogle. The part I don’t like is how it’s a stalker too. Every time you search something on there, it’s able to look in your history to snatch the websites in order to know where you go, so they can advertise to you correctly as well. Same with gmail, when you’re logged in and go elsewhere on the website, it’s able to track every single little thing you do. So, as you can imagine, I clear my history a lot. Maybe you should do the same? And no, if your partner is like “Hey! Why’d you clear the history? What are you doing on there? Are you watching porn?!!” Don’t fret, and tell them you didn’t want google stalking you.


3. Roll-over advertisements.


These little guys aren’t all over the place, but they still bug the crappers out of me. I’m minding my dandy little business, and then when my mouse accidentally rolls over the advertisement, it’s like BAM I’M ON YOUR WHOLE SCREEN MWAHAHAHAHAHA. While I’m like “dang it! how do I get out of this thing?!” They’re annoying little buggers, and need to go away. Which reminds me of the next kind of advertisement…


4. Advertisements with sound.



My goodness, these things scare me. I’m humming along scrolling on a website, when all of a sudden I hear someone shouting about a cleaning product. I have a mini panic attack, because God-forbid I’m in a library when it goes off, and everyone is looking at me like “wow, that girl is really into cleaning products to watch commercials on them.” No! The stupid sound! And it’s like a mission to find the darn thing!


5. New apps/websites.


Yeah, okay, this stuff is cool to an extent. But nowadays I want to dig myself in a hole instead of hearing people say “Hit me up on kik! Follow me on Instagram!” Umm…what’s kik anyway? And Instagram? Okay, sure, I’ll join and follow all of the pictures you post of food and random weirdness I don’t care about. I can already see photos on Facebook, so what’s the point? Let’s buy an expensive camera, and then edit it so the picture looks old! Woo! I just don’t understand. I just…ugh.



6. Overuse of emoticons/ text language.


Omg like lol and like wtf?! jk, jk, lol! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Stop speaking alien and type. Thank you. And the overuse of smiley faces makes me think you’re having a seizure. Which reminds me of the next pet peeve.


7. All caps.


STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS! EVERY TIME YOU WRITE I HAVE A VOICE THAT SCREAMS IN MY HEAD. It’s very annoying to try and take a status seriously when it’s in all caps. All I can focus on is: my gosh, please stop making the voice in my head scream while I read this.


8. Typing like an idiot.


NaH, ur noT KooL iF U Type LikE tHiS. Just typing one sentence of that garbage right now made me get a headache. And stop with l8r. Just type the dang word.





9. Smart phones.


I will admit something to you: I don’t have a smart phone. I don’t understand why I need Internet on my phone when I have a lovely computer instead. I get the convenience factor, but it’s gotten to a point where the Internet has gobbled up a majority of our lives. And this is why I don’t enjoy smart phones:

Hanging out with friends. Is it just me, or is a majority of friends huddling over their phones instead of talking with each other? I mean, what the heck? I don’t mind it when we’re checking out a weird app or something, but I’d rather enjoy my friends instead of them digging into their phones. I have one friend that plays with his phoneΒ all the time instead of talking with us. During movies, while we tell stories, while we walk, and just anything we do he has his nose stuck on his phone. It’s freaking annoying. A couple times I have taken his phone and snapped at him just to get his head back into reality. Stop checking Facebook, stop checking Instagram, and stop looking at YouTube videos! Hello! Your friends are right in front of you! Talk to them!



10. Grammar. Grammar mistakesΒ everywhere.



This, by far, is my biggest pet peeve in the world. It’s bad enough I’m an English major and constantly nag at grammar anyway, but seeing the Internet world take a huge crap in the intelligence department doesn’t help me keep hope in humanity. Since when is it okay to not use the correct form of words just because you’re typing it? I mean, I can cut some slack during texting because the keys are smaller and it takes a bit more work to find apostrophes or whatever, but while sitting at the computer, I expect proper grammar. Stop saying your instead of you’re. Use the correct form of their, they’re, and there. And my goodness, if another person says “I’m lazy” or “I can speak however I want” then here are my replies to you:


-You’re at a computer. Either your (not you’re) parents paid for that, or you did. They worked hard, and they weren’t lazy. Plus the computer has these really cool features that clearly show on the keypad where apostrophes are and such, it’s kind of cool! So, please, don’t give me the “I’m too lazy” thing. All you have to do is move your finger like an inch. That’s not hard.


-You can speak however you want? Okay…so you want to come across as an incompetent human being that forgot lessons in elementary school? Is that it? Then go for it.


It just bothers me, it really does. Why is it so difficult to use the right grammar? It’s crazy when you think about it. How has the Internet made people so uninformative about their past lessons? Haven’t they been writing in school for years on end? Wouldn’t that stuff stick? These things make me scared for humanity. I bless people with proper grammar, so thank you to whoever still has it!



So, that was my rant about my top pet peeves of the Internet. Of course I still see it as a wonderful tool, but technology can also be a curse. I think we should all step back, take a walk in nature, and enjoy the world without technology even for a day. One time I went to Yosemite and didn’t bring my phone, and my goodness, I hadn’t felt so free in a while. So I challenge you to step away from Internet and your phone for just one day. Live your life and breathe in the smells of everything beautiful. And hey, maybe take up some grammar lessons too πŸ˜‰


What are your pet peeves?

-Sara R.
































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