Fan Art: Maximum Ride

The countdown is still on! The last book of the series is coming out on August 6th! *squeal* 😀 So I’m going to be like a crazy girl and post Max Ride like crazy for a while. And yes, I’m going to be posting a review of “Nevermore” once I get done reading it, which will be shortly after I buy it 🙂

For now, please enjoy this fan art brought to you by deviantART 🙂

CherieGu put much thought into Iggy and Fang, since they put chess pieces with their characters to symbolize them. Here, I’ll quote what they said: “Fang is a Queen’s Bishop. In a religious sense, a bishop is the spiritual support of the royal family. The Queen’s Bishop stands faithfully beside the Queen, ready to support or protect her when ever she needs. Iggy, on the other hand, would be a knight. Knights are often overlooked because they are deemed the “weakest” of the royal army, just as Iggy would be, since he’s the blind kid. However, when Knights call upon their hidden strength, not even Queens could stand in their way.” Very well put, and great piece of art too!

Awww 🙂 This is a picture of Fang and Angel done by burdge-bug. I like how someone thought outside of the box, since we don’t really see first hand of Fang being like this with Angel, but I think it’s cute 🙂 I love both of their faces!

Oh, I love this drawing of the flock by burdge-bug. Iggy’s expression is my favorite 🙂

Great artwork of Maximum done by gemmafm. The wings are awesome, and her face is pretty intense! It captures her personality perfectly!

This is a super epic drawing of Gazzy done by vampire-kid. I love the viewpoint that they give, and it’s so cool that the series title is on the sole of his shoe! Awesome!

Another Gazzy picture! He looks so innocent in this one! 😀 But we all know the truth 🙂 Wonderful artwork by Blue-Hearts.

Same artist as above: Blue-Hearts. Beautiful artwork of Iggy, I’m just stunned. He looks so peaceful and whimsical.

Awwwww my gosh 🙂 Max and Fang flying together, holding hands, done by burdge-bug. I just love this!

Toadike25 describes this piece of art as the last battle. I like the thought 🙂 Great facial expressions!

Ha! I love this drawing done by being-elijah-piper. Scene from “Fang” when Dylan and Fang are arguing it out, and Max is just so fed up with it 🙂 I LOVE Fang’s face haha

Holy (insert choice of cuss word here)! Realistic interpretation of Max done by kittrose. I’m like…speechless. I love her face! It’s just so epic!

That’s it for today! Check out all other artwork on deviantART by these artists 🙂 And I’m counting down the days until the last one comes out!! *squeal* 😀

Fly on!


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