Small Review I Found on “Nevermore”

So, I was snooping around as to how much the book cost so I had enough money for tomorrow, but I came across some reviews of it as well. Since the book came out earlier in the UK, someone did their own review of the book. I love their review. It doesn’t give anything away, yet gets me so interested. So, I found it on, and this commenter is named Flllppa. So, check it out! I’m going to put my own review on here after I read the book 🙂 Enjoy!

“Okay, guys. Nevermore was released on August 2nd in the UK. It’s now 2am the next day and I’ve just finished reading it.

To be honest, the only coherent thought I have about it is: DA FUQ WAS THAT?

I swear, the whole thing was a bit of a blur.

I suppose the main thing is: was it good?
Well, maybe. Like I said, I don’t really know what to think of it at the minute. And I was so ready to hate it. But to say I liked it is maybe stretching it a bit. I think I was content with it.

This was the end. Every ounce of love, hate and frustration we fans have been building up for years was riding on this book. This was the make or break of how the series will be remembered.

Personally, it could have been a lot worse. It really could.

The first half, though, I was all ready to throw into a bonfire adorned with a James Patterson Guy on top whilst I danced around the edge waving ‘The Angel Experiment’ in the air. It was exactly the drivel we’ve been putting up with ever since Dylan entered the scene. (Oh Dylan. How I hate you)

However, it began to change half-way through. It’s like it was almost back to the Maximum Ride of old. The characters were almost IN character (you tried, Patterson). But like I say; almost.

I much preffered the Max of this book to the Max of, say, everything after book 5. She still had her OOC moments, of course, but every now and then there were glimpses of the kick butt girl we know and love.
She reminded me why I ever loved the series in the first place.

I’m not going to comment on the whole Max/Fang/Dylan fiasco, because I don’t want to ruin it. I won’t even give away whether I’m crying with joy or am currently hunting JP down as we speak. If you really cant wait to find out what happens though, drop me a message and I’ll let you know.

Ah, the ending. I guess this is what the whole thing was about, right? The official Facebook page made such a hoopla about it being the END of MAXIMUM RIDE. She was going to DIE, DEAD, FOREVER.

Did she? Well….spoilers 😉

No seriously though, that ending was weird. So rushed, unexplained, oddly set out. At times I was staring at the page thinking WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE PEOPLE?

Did the end justify the story? Jury’s out on this one I’m afraid.

Did the end justify the means? With Maximum Ride, always.

Now, I’m going to post those ten questions we were promised would be answered in Nevermore. I won’t give away those answers, but I will post my own reactions alongside.

1.Who will Max finally choose–her beloved Fang or steadfast Dylan?
No comment.

2.Who is The Voice Max hears in her head?
I admit, I was surprised. And completely unconvinced.

3.Which Member of Fang’s Gang will betray him?
Ah, Fang’s Gang. How I hated you all. All I’ll say here is: memberS

4.Whose side is Angel really on?
Will we EVER know who’s side she’s on? Okay, maybe I’m being a little unfair here, because Angel goes through hell in this book.

5.Is Jeb trying to protect Max and the Flock? OR is he working for the bad guys?
As with Angel, I don’t think we’ll ever really know.

6.Will Iggy ever regain his sight?
What a strange question.

7.Why did the Flock evolve to be able to breathe underwater?
Clever. Quite clever. It makes sense now.

8.Will Iggy and Ella ever be together?
Like I’m gonna spoil the fun for all you Eggy lovers out there 🙂

9.Is the apocalypse the result of human folly and hatred, a disease, a natural disaster, or an invasion from outer space?
I have NO idea. Like I said, the ending was a bit of a haze. Personally, I think it was aliens. Just ’cause.

10.Can Max really save the world?
Could YOU save the whole world?

11.And the most important question of all: who will die? (You didn’t think it would end with out someone dying, did you?)

There you go! Are you excited for the last book to come out?

Fly on!


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