Fan Art: Maximum Ride (Fang and Dylan)

So, yes, I’m obsessing over the last freaking book to come out tomorrow 😀 So I looked up some artwork from deviantART to share with you all, specifically mister Dylan and Fang. It’s like all around the websites that people want Fang and Max together, so don’t hate me when I say this. I actually don’t mind Dylan. I mean, I know Fang and Max have been together for so long, but I don’t know…Dylan is alright too. Then again I’m a sucker for blue eyes and blonde hair so….

Anyway, here’s some fan art for you all 🙂

blindbandit5 draws Fang and Dylan side by side. Awesome. Just plain awesome.

Another drawing by blindbandit5 of Dylan. He looks so sweet in here, then again that’s just how he is 🙂

Ha! I love this comic by DeathByBacon. It’s so epic and so true 😀

Another picture of Dylan drew by Clavelle. Agh, he’s so cute XD

*swoon* 🙂 blindbandit5 draws Fang and Max kissing together in the sky. I love the passion here 🙂

I can’t wait for tomorrow! Ahhhh!!! Nevermore finally out! Woo! I’ll make sure to post my review ASAP, as well as spoilers just because I won’t be able to keep myself quiet haha 🙂

Fly on!


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