Review on “Nevermore”

Yes, I’m an incredibly fast reader. I bought the book around 1:30 today and have finished it three hours later. It’s 344 pages long, by the way, so I was actually going kind of slow. You know, I do need food and bathroom breaks 🙂

Anyway, you don’t want to hear me ramble. I’m going to give you a review of the last Maximum Ride book without trying to spoil too much. Of course I’m just going to do that tomorrow, since I’m just evil like that. And after that, I’m posting my thought process throughout the story, just to get some kicks and giggles from my Maximum Ride fans.

Alright, so, here we go with a review with no spoilers. I’ll link a spoiled review in my post tomorrow. I guess I don’t want to ruin it just yet for other readers. The details, at least.

Anyway, let me go on a few key points that you find out in the story:

-What side Jeb is really on

-Where Dr. Martinez was, as well as why

-Who the Voice is

-Why the flock gained the ability of gills

-If Max ends up saving the world (ha, gets kind of complicated here. And a little confusing)

-Dylan or Fang

-Where Angel was captured at the end of the last book “Angel”

-HOW the world ends (I don’t know why I put that in all caps, by the way)

-What major characters die

-And (obviously) if Max survives or not

And, no, you never get to figure out who the parents are of the rest of the flock. Just putting that out there. Like, seriously, who was Fang’s parents? Come on.

Anyway, here we go. Let me give you a very quick sum of what I thought of the book right here and right now: very fast paced, and it felt too short.


Now let me go into more detail, eh?

First, the negatives: the pace was very, very fast. I mean, this can also be good, but at some points I was like “Hold up! Slow down! I can’t even connect with certain emotions they’re feeling!” Especially when it gets to the end. I was just like o.O from being so rushed. I think I read it twice. Then again being a huge fan, I’m so giddy with what’s going to happen that I don’t give myself time to slow down. So, tip: keep your pace with this book. Take some breaks. I think it’ll let the information sink in better.

Romance doesn’t seem to be in the proper places here. Right after crazy scenes with Fang, it’s all peaceful with Max and Dylan. I wanted to shake the book like crazy for at least some kind of fight to break out. I guess this also ties with the emotions factor. I didn’t feel like Patterson gave us enough time to click with what characters are feeling, since everything is just go, go, go! It’s kind of overwhelming. Maybe he wanted it to be that way?

Some points seemed to be missed. The Voice ends up giving advice to all of the flock members, and it doesn’t really connect with what actually ends up happening. I mean, at first you’re like “yeah! Go flock! Rock on!” But when it gets down to it, when I finished the last page, I couldn’t help but think: “umm…why did they want Nudge to do that? Or why did they want Iggy and Gazzy to do whatever? And Dylan? I mean…what?” It’s just kind of redundant.

Some points, also, seem unbelievable. Such as who the Voice is. I rolled my eyes when I read who it was. I mean….seriously? As well as with Dr. Martinez deal, I was just like: “No…that doesn’t add up.” Also, we get introduced with Max going to school (not the torture school, mind you) with her flock. Uh…why? From the ending of the last book, they should be looking for Ella. But no. Let’s go to school instead! I have a feeling Patterson forgot how his last book ended or something!

So, I need to give good points here, before I go nuts: Max seems more like herself. She gets tougher and more of her leader self like we were first introduced. So, I was happy about that. Although I do miss her snoody side comments. I guess when everything is getting so dark, I don’t blame her. Which is another point I’d like to address, is that I like how I watched these characters grow up in the series. They matured and got wiser, and we see that in this book. Well, to an extent.

Someone dies. I hollered like a cheerleader when they did. As I sung, “I can see clearly now that the rain is gone! I can see all obstacles in my waaaaaaaay!” I’m so glad I was at home, since when I read their death, I shouted, “Finally!”

The ending. Although rushed, I was like: “Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh wait….NO!!” Then was shouting, “Yay!” I’ll go into more detail when I spoil it for you next post. I think I’m still a little frazzled from the ending. Especially Max’s last words. And don’t think that gives anything away, the epilogue clearly says “Max’s last words.” I know, you’re probably like “Holy CRAP!” Shhh, shhhh, it’s okay 🙂 But yes, I was fine with the ending as a whole, I suppose.

As for more good points? Hmmm. Well although it was rushed, it kept me flipping through the book like a freaking maniac. There’s also a new twist in there, so HAZA! Patterson still has some things left up in his sleeve.

So, I’ll answer some main questions that I had in a post a long time ago. I won’t answer them point-blank, just my reaction.

-What side is Jeb really on? And will Max ever forgive him for what he’s done to her?

Ha! Oh, Lord.

-Will Angel make it out of wherever she got captured in the ending of “Angel”? Where is she captured to begin with?

I’ll just answer this one: yes, she does. Where is she captured, you say? Hmmmm *taps fingers against my chin* just somewhere evil, of course.

-What happened to Ella? Will she get experimented on too?


-What ever happened to the “redheaded wonder” that Fang was crushing on in the fourth book? Wasn’t Max warned that she could possibly be working for the evil side?

Good question, me. Good question.

-Will Fang ever join the flock again? Will Max ever be okay with Maya?

Ha! *does a little happy dance* Epic. Just so epic.

-Will Jeb and Dr. Martinez be okay? Where did they go anyway?

If you call being a maniac okay, then….

-What event is the end of the world? How will Max save it?

My goodness, I didn’t see that coming. I did not see that coming at all.

-Will a flock member die? (Rumor has it that may happen).

Rumors are evil little buggers, aren’t they?

-Will Iggy ever get his eyesight back?

What a silly question.

-Is Dylan officially a part of their flock now?

Ummm….sure? Yes? I think? Why not!

-Will the rest ever find their parents?

I already spoiled this above, so no. It doesn’t matter in this point in the game anyway

-Dylan or Fang?


So, that will be my main review of this book by James Patterson. Overall I thought it was pretty good, and very suspenseful. I’ll probably read it again this week when my brain isn’t so fizzled with giddiness. I’m still trying to conjure everything that happened. And still a little bummed that certain things didn’t. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Enjoy reading it 🙂 I’m going to go on a whole rant of spoilers in my next post, which you can read here. Go and comment below if you’d like!

The end of Maximum Ride. Wow. I can’t wrap my head around it just yet. Am I sad it’s over? Yes, completely. Am I happy with the ending? Sort of.  Can I see another book after this one? There could easily be another one, but I doubt he’d do that. So, you be the judge. Read it and savor it. Nom, nom, nom.

Love all you Maximum Ride lovers, and fly on!


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