“Nevermore” Spoilers

As promised from yesterday’s post, I’m going to give you the spoilers of the last book in the series. I don’t really get these, since you should just read the book and find out yourself, but sometimes, I guess, knowing that your whole world in fantasy land isn’t going to come crashing down. Like, is Max really going to die? Knowing she is or isn’t helps you prepare for the moment and not cry over the pages. Ha! Anyway, I’ll start with the questions that I posted yesterday, where I just put my reaction.

And, as I said, this post is going to be full of spoilers, so if you don’t want to read what happens then LOOK AWAY. NOW! Instead you may prefer my review where it doesn’t spoil anything, where you can check it out here

Okay, off for the questions:

-What side is Jeb really on? And will Max ever forgive him for what he’s done to her?

Umm…I think this is up to the reader, really. I think Jeb is just a twisted guy, and he loves his daughter, but I don’t know…he’s a confusing fellow. He’s a part of keeping Angel captive and also out to kill Fang and also made another Ari (I’ll explain that later), so I think he’s just a bit disturbed. I still don’t know what side he’s on.

-Will Angel make it out of wherever she got captured in the ending of “Angel”? Where is she captured to begin with?

Yes, she does. As for where she got captured? Not sure, just somewhere evil, ha!

-What happened to Ella? Will she get experimented on too?

*shrug* good question. Quite frankly she only comes up once and that’s at the end, so I was a little confused by that. Wasn’t she determined to get wings? Wasn’t Max going to find her in the end of “Angel”? I think Patterson forgot about that plot point.

-What ever happened to the “redheaded wonder” that Fang was crushing on in the fourth book? Wasn’t Max warned that she could possibly be working for the evil side?

Good question, me. Good question. She never comes up again, as neither does Mr. Chu. Or, very long while back, Ter Borcht. I mean, what happened to those guys? Did they go to evil college together to take a break from their plans?

-Will Fang ever join the flock again? Will Max ever be okay with Maya?

Yes, Fang does come back. As for Maya? *happy dance* I’ll go into detail about that in a second. I’m a happy person 🙂

-Will Jeb and Dr. Martinez be okay? Where did they go anyway?

Jeb= crazy man, as always. Dr. Martinez= supposedly brainwashed woman. I don’t buy it. I’ll explain in a second.

-What event is the end of the world? How will Max save it?

That’s complicated. First the end of the world is this virus that’s supposed to infect all of mankind so only “enhanced” people will survive. Then BAM this whole new thing hits the world, like an outside of this world disastor. Dylan explains it to be a meteor exploding outside of Earth or something along those lines, I don’t know, it was actually kind of confusing yet intense. The sky opened up, there was a bunch of heat, there were big waves, and then the epilogue came up. It’s just like…WHAT? And does Max save the world? Well…technically no.

-Will a flock member die? (Rumor has it that may happen).

No, no flock member dies.

-Will Iggy ever get his eyesight back?

Nope, he’s forever blind.

-Is Dylan officially a part of their flock now?

I suppose so, yes.

-Will the rest ever find their parents?

No. It doesn’t matter in this point in the game anyway.

-Dylan or Fang?

Here’s your answer:

blindbandit5 She ends up with Fang. It’s actually quite sweet when he comes back. He’s very open with his emotions. He makes me swoon 🙂 I’m so glad these two end up together.

Alright, now let me knick off the crazy stuff to spoil the novel even more.

-Who dies: Maya (HAZA!! YES!!! FINALLY!!!), and Ari (again, haha)

-Speaking of Ari, yes, he comes back. Not the real Ari, just a replacement that Jeb made because he was feeling so bad that he raised his real son awfully. I mean, I guess I can get this plot twist, but it actually made me very upset. Why couldn’t Patterson leave Ari alone? I really enjoyed the boy he turned into in the third book right before he passed away. He should’ve just left him alone. I suppose he was just trying to bring Erasers back, I suppose. Didn’t really work for me.

-The Voice: get ready for it…

Angel. Yup. The Voice is Angel. As you can imagine, I was like o.O WHAT? It doesn’t make sense to me, I couldn’t really put the pieces together. I mean, I get Angel can talk in peoples’ heads, but I mean come ON. Really? How would Angel really be that smart even in the beginning of the series? Plus, the Voice pops up when Max is at really far distances, and I don’t believe that Angel can even reach that far through thought. Which I want to bring up another point. While she was captured in this book, the Voice spoke in Max’s head (and everyone else’s), but she didn’t bother to actually say in her own voice: “yo, pick me up, would you? I’m dying here!” Also, how would Jeb know about the Voice? Remember him imitating it in the third book? Things just don’t add up.

-Cool twists:

1. Dr. Martinez is found on the “bad side”. But, apparently, Jeb brainwashed her to be there. Which, as you can guess, I don’t believe. Patterson just wanted a way to still make her a good person somehow. I call bull.

2. Fang’s DNA is now super freaking badass. In this book, a bunch of scientists are after him because Fang holds…wait for it…the key to immortality. Give yourself a moment to let that sink in. All of the scientists want this guy now to test on and etc, but Jeb wants him dead because that kind of power will populate the Earth too much or something along those lines. Which reminds me of the next point.

3. Dylan goes a little coo-coo. He’s asked to kill Fang because of reason above, and at first he says no. Then he realizes that other scientists want him, and he doesn’t want Fang to be tested on for the rest of his life, so to put him out of his future torture, he goes on a mission to kill the guy. Stupid Dylan.

4. As for why they developed gills, I first thought it was a way for Patterson to get the flock out of the situation in the fourth book. But no, alas, it came in handy in this one. When I mean come in handy, I mean save their lives. Max and Fang (very beautiful scene, by the way) hold onto each other as a massive waves comes in to kill them, and right before it crashes, Fang declares his love for her. *swoon* And when you think they’re dead…BAM! Epilogue, they’re just fine. Quite frankly I already remembered that they could breathe underwater, I just thought that the massive weight of the water would crush them.

5. Already mentioned above, but Ari comes back. I’m not a happy person about that subject.

6. Fang’s gang obviously splits up. I hated those guys anyway, they had no character to me. They weren’t trustworthy, as I came to find out anyway. Star and Kate end up going on Ari’s side because they want to be saved and blah, blah, blah. And Fang just ends up leaving the other guys in the gang. Good job, Fang. Good job. Which reminds me, right before Maya died (YAY!), she confessed her love for Fang. I wanted to slap a girl across the face. How long has she known him? Like, five months? Shut up, girl, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I obviously couldn’t feel the sadness Fang was feeling when she passed, I was too busy popping the confetti.

Alright, I think I got the main points all spoiled for you ^_^ In another post I’m going to jot down all of my thoughts while reading the book just for kicks and giggles. I’ll link it here when it’s finished.

Enjoy reading, and tell me what you thought about the book!

Fly on!


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