Thoughts While Watching “The Hunger Games”

So, I saw this movie in theaters I believe two or three times 🙂 Of course I love the book more, but I’m still excited to get the DVD! So, as I watch the movie, I’m going to jot down my every thought as I watch it. Of course this post will make a lot more sense if you actually watch the movie, so I think fellow movie goers will enjoy my thoughts while watching this movie.

Mind you, I tend to have a very comical mindset, so most of my comments are either going to be funny, or freaking out about how they did something wrong compared to the book. So, sit back and laugh a bit 🙂

I’m going to start with the previews, cause I have commentary even in those.

-First preview: Breaking Dawn, Part Deux. Oh, maybe they’ll actually have a fighting scene at the end, where Meyer didn’t have. Thank you, Meyer, for making me read all those pages for no epic battle. Ohhh, I like the water that moves. I like that power. Moving water. Can vampires drown?

-Second preview: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. *squeal* YES! YES! FINALLY! I’m so excited! Oh my gosh! Wait, why is Patrick so gay? Wasn’t he supposed to be one of those discreet gays? They kinda messed that up. Sad. OH! Awesome quote time! “And I swear in that moment…we are infinite.” Coming Soon? Please be more specific.

-Ultraviolet Commercial. Holy shizz, did you seriously need two whole minutes to advertise this thing? Technology=cool. Moving on now.

-Big movies become bigger on epix. Not epic, but epix. Hmmm. Can I have previews instead of stuff you want me to buy? Although I guess movies cost money too. Hmmm…whatever. Off to the next preview.

-Yay! Time to start the movie! *happy dance* HUNGER GAMES! BOO-YAH!

-Oh my gosh the movie is starting at the Capitol, showing the inside of it and how it ticks and…oh…that’s just lionsgate. My bad.

-“In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and female…”  Well, except district 13. We, uhh…we kinda blew them up.

-“This is your third year as Gamemaker, what defines your personal signature?” (Ceasar to Seneca Crane)  My beard. My beard is my signature.

-Oh, hello Prim’s scream.

-“They’re not gonna pick you…” (Katniss to Prim)  Well, that didn’t work out so well, did it?

-Katniss should hire that guy from the show “My Cat From Hell”. Stupid hissing cat.

-Dooo dooo doo do la la la laaaaaaa. Good background music for Katniss’ hunt. Makes for a lovely dooo dooo laaaaa aura.

-It’s the deer from the beginning of Twilight!

-I thought Effie’s hair was supposed to be pink?

-That bread looks freaking delicious.

-That’s not how she gets the mockingjay pin!!! GOSH DANG IT!!!

-Wasn’t the reaping supposed to be in the town square? Unless their town square is mud. Hmm, that sucks.

-The Capitol showing a video with dancing people is such a lie, just like those tampon commercials with girls dancing on it. Curse you, media! Curse your lies!

-Well, way to make me cry when Katniss volunteers. Sheesh.

-Is it just me, or is this movie kinda quiet?

-Aww, poor Peeta. Wait…..why aren’t his eyes blue? Curses!

-Now the mockingjay pin symbolizes strength instead of rebellion. Gosh dang it.

-Yeah. Don’t cry, Mom. I’m only going into a deathly arena!

-Gale was supposed to say, “Remember…” and then get cut off. Cliffhanger ignored. What did he wanna say anyway? That was never explained in the book. Now I’m curious. Hmmm…okay, focus!

-Ha! Haymitch foot.

-Poor placemat ^_^

-“It’s huge” (peeta, referring to the capitol)  Ha, that’s what she said.

-Go District Four! Go Finnick Odair!! Oh wait, that’s not until next book. My bad.

-Ohhhh that fire looks lame in the chariot ride. Their whole bodies should be engulfed.

-I pictured President Snow in his mid-40’s, with no beard, and a constant sneer on his face. Bummer.

-Mmmm hello, Cato 😉 I mean, what? Cato=bad. BAD!

-Katniss’ shirt matches the furniture! Ha!

-Who wants a background drop of the desert? Every time I wake up and see that, I’d get thirsty. Silly backdrop people.

-Monkey bars in the training room? AH! Sign me up!

-Haza! They finally show the whole bread scene. Took long enough. Although they’re supposed to be kids, but whatever, I guess I’ll be flexible.

-Mmm hello Cato! I mean NO! Cato=bad. BAD!

-Wow, the chick from “The Orphan” is good with the knives.

-Did Peeta paint tree cakes at the bakery?

-No elevator music on the way down to show off their skills? They should play the dooo dooo doooo song from earlier.

-Awww no one fell over in a punch bowl when she shot the pig?

-I don’t know why, but I pictured the interviews to be outside. Aren’t all the tributes supposed to be sitting in eyesight of everyone? Bah!

-Dress on fire=lame. Whole thing should be engulfed.

-“When I die, I still just want to be me” (Peeta)  So, you wanna die with bread in your hands?

-Someone should fix those lights.

-Katniss is shaking like a Chihuahua.

-He has a horrible countdown voice.

-I don’t like the music here. Sounds like the eerie pitch after an explosion.

-Shaky images!

-Blood! More Blood!


-Falling! More running!

-Oh, hello canon. I almost forgot about you.

-Wow, she found water really fast. Wow, she got food fast too. Food fast, NOT to be confused with fast food *knee slap*

-Those careers are having fun killing people, huh?

-Lots of walking.

-That’s a lot of fire. At least THIS fire looks realistic.

-Cool explosions with the fireballs. Cool.

-Oh, here come the happy careers again. La, la, la we love killing. La, la, la, the capitol loves it too. La, la, la we should all keep laughing. La, la, la because Cato is gonna kill YOU!

-Couldn’t Glimmer just shoot the arrow when Katniss is sleeping?

-For being good with swords, Cato cannot climb trees.

-Those silver parachutes are loud little buggers.

-Tracker jackers! AH!

-EW, Glimmer.

-Wasn’t Katniss supposed to fall in a big orange, shiny puddle? I mean when she hallucinates (obviously). The shiny comes in handy later. SHINY!


-The whistle from the trailer!

-Cool explosion. I approve. I hope the audience knows Katniss goes deaf in one ear from this.

-Snap! Cato just snapped his neck! Cato is so sexy. I mean bad! Cato=bad. BAD!

-I already know what’s gonna happen, but still hoping Katniss gets to Rue on time.

-No sound of the canon?

-Now I’m sad.

-Oh, is this why they let two from the same district win? Because of Katniss rebelling like that? I guess that makes sense.

-Aw, Katniss is supposed to scream Peeta’s name. Bummer.

-Ah! Peeta! She’s supposed to step on him though. And also get him half naked. Heh-heh. Bummer.

-Cave scene! Praise the cave scene!

-Oh, that scene didn’t last long.

-Gale just got friend zoned.

-Katniss was supposed to have syrup to make Peeta fall asleep. Curse them getting these things wrong.

-Oh, hello again girl from “The Orphan”

-Shaky camera!

-Thrash was supposed to kill Clove with a rock. Bummer.

-Wasn’t it a needle that Katniss had to inject Peeta with instead of slime?

-Time for the mutts. These mutts suck. They’re supposed to look like the fallen tributes.

-Oh shit! That mutt scared me!

-Cato was supposed to run out of the forest and toward them, looking all scared. Sad they left that out.

-Oh dang! Peeta’s fighting Cato! Snap! I’ll give credit, that’s better than the book.

-Oh, here goes Cato with his whole Braveheart speech. “You kill me and I’ll be free! Freedom!!”

-I just now realized that they haven’t been picking up any of the bodies with the hovercrafts like in the book. Bleh.

-Katniss is supposed to be aiming an arrow at Peeta right now. Sad they also left that out.

-You’re about to die, Peeta, and all you do is touch her braid? That’s kinda lame, man.

-Well, that escalated quickly. I guess they’re going home.

-Uh, awkward moment…but wasn’t Peeta’s leg supposed to be amputated? I guess that’s not an important plot twist.

-When does Peeta find out Katniss was faking her feelings?

-That was a short interview.

-Is he gonna find out now? About Katniss?

-Okay, train ride…he’s still not finding out…

-Gale and Prim! Yay! Gale is probably like: “I hate you Peeta, I hate you Peeta, I hate you Peeta…”

-Will Peeta find out soon?

-Okay…President Snow…

-I guess Peeta doesn’t find out.

-And now the first song on the credits is stuck in my head.

Those were my thoughts during the movie, and I hope you enjoyed 🙂 what were your thoughts while watching the movie?

Happy Hunger Games!


4 comments on “Thoughts While Watching “The Hunger Games”

  1. My friend emdance99(All Things Hunger Games.. Mostly) and I LOVE the idea of a “Thoughts While Watching the Hunger Games” post. And yours is great! Do you mind if we do kind of the same thing? I don’t mean to be a copy cat, but…
    I will be sure to mention where I got the inspiration for the post from and all that jazz. Though ours probably won’t be as funny. 😀
    I understand if you say no, it is your idea!!

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