Why Being an Author is So Amazing

First I’d like to apologize! I’ve been so busy with work and school I haven’t had much time to get on here, but trust me, I haven’t forgotten about this blog!

So, I’d like to talk about, as the title says, why being an author is so awesome. I have a tab entitled “My Writing/Series” that you can check out for more details, but I am a writer myself. Here’s a sum up of what I’ve done, just to give you an idea of how much writing has been a part of my life:

-6 novels in high school, ones I consider rough drafts

-2 novels I started in a series, but that gave me inspiration for my current babies, which leads me to…

-4 novels in a series, and I’m currently working on my fifth and last one on that series. Which I’m actually quite sad about.

As for writing outside of novels: about 6 short stories (one published), countless poems (3 published), and two articles (soon to be published in my school’s magazine).

I’m sure people have written more, but there’s my status. What has everyone else written? Comment below on that!

Anywho, off to the main event of why I consider writing to be so amazing. Here we go on the list on the top five reasons why writing is a great passion to have. Oh, and by the way, each picture is something I’ve drawn based on the characters in my series. I’ll explain more in depth with each point. Anyway, off to the good stuff!

5. Discovery


That’s Hayden and Aryc, she’s the leader of the clan and he’s her “right-wing man.” They discovered love for one another through time.

But my main point is that writing makes you discover many things. The most obvious is setting; you get to discover so many new places. Sometimes you have to travel to actually go to these places, or research things on google to get a better picture. Through this you learn of a bigger world, and your mind expands to these beautiful places. This can also help you discover made up places you want to create yourself.

You can also discover how you can write creatively. This type of discovery is wonderful because you tend not to have a unique voice in essays and such. My voice in my novels, for example, is a funny narrator that always makes side commentary on everything. Finding this unique voice makes writing very enjoyable and fun. Another good author with voice is James Patterson, especially in the Maximum Ride series.

4. Imagination

That’s Trevor. His father had him locked up in chains for a majority of his childhood until Hayden broke him free. Now he has sweatbands on his wrists to constantly hide the scars from the shackles. So, as you can see, imagination can lead you a long way.

All of my characters came from a bad past, whether it be rape, trapped in cages, or being kept in a basement until they broke free at nine. This may seem dark, but my characters all went through this breaking point in their lives to become these strong people. The idea is that their animal side was being punished, just like any animal in the zoo (tiger in a cage? poor thing).

So, my point: writing gets your imagination flowing. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as a five book series plot like myself, but short stories and poetry does just as well. If you say that you don’t have an imagination, then you’re lying to yourself. Do you ever get bored and space out in class? You know how you run weird scenarios in your head that you wish could happen? That’s your imagination at work! Creating a story enhances this by a LOT, and you’d be surprised some of the things you can come up with. Our imagination never leaves us, and to watch a world we create (either it be poetry, short story, or novel) come to life, it’s a very proud feeling.

3. Putting your soul on the page

That’s Mykel 🙂 I merely put this on here because he’s holding a book. And he’s cute 😀

As for the matter at hand, writing helps put your soul on the page. I know some people are scared to do this; scared to put their souls out there because they’re afraid of criticism. Well, let me give this to you straight: there’s always going to be someone out there that hates your work. However, if you put your soul and you work hard in your work, then there’ll be more people that enjoy it.

This is why I call my book series my babies: because I put my soul into creating them. That, plus I don’t have actual children to compare them to haha 😀 This creates this type of attachment to what you write, and a type of obsession. This I consider great; it passes time and gets you thinking about something else other than life stresses.

And if you get published, or even if you have other people read your stuff (like I’ve been doing), then you get to share your soul with multiple people. And when you get fans, when people start obsessing over your story, that’s when the rewards really start coming in. It’s not about the money, it’s about sharing a story and having others fall in love with it too. You know those books that you love so much? That could be your own story too someday.

Also, on a smaller note, your characters become you too. No matter how different they are from you, they’re still you. I’ll show you what I mean.

Mykel: he’s the biggest opposite of me. He’s self kept, depressed most the time, and had a horrific past with major daddy issues. Even though he’s so different than me, he’s still that small part of me when I get sad. But Mykel also has this strength that I yearn for; he’s a person I wanna be too. You can create characters like this too, even if you don’t mean to; those are the most fun characters, the ones you don’t expect.

2. Control

Mister Trevor and miss Evelyn. I put these two in the category of control because I’d like to show what lack of it these two gave me. Overall stories are a matter of your control, where you control the characters, plot, setting, etc. But stories also have a funny way of writing themselves, and Trevor and Evelyn are a perfect example. He’s 17 and she’s 13, and they’ve always been snuggly with one another, but I first brought it up as something like brother sister. Then as the plot thickened, they ended up a couple by the time the fourth book ended. It’s amazing how characters can write the story for you.

But before I rant, I want to talk about my main point. People don’t really consider this when writing, but of course I see it. Being a young child, I would be happy to play with my Barbies to create my own story and my own characters with my own kind of plot. I enjoyed the power to do what I may. This continues into novels.

It’s great to have control in a life where many things aren’t in our control. It’s a good feeling to sit down and hurt whatever character you want, or give someone love when you yourself are yearning for it. They can be punished, rewarded, sad, angry, etc to your ultimate control. That’s a great feeling to have in a world of such chaos. My characters a lot of the time reflect on how I’m feeling, and it’s weirdly comforting to have someone else hurting or laughing with me, even though they’re technically fictitious.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, stories can get out of your control. And personally, this is my favorite part in writing (well, almost haha). As characters develop, they have their own personalities and start carving their own ways. It may sound creepy, but sometimes when I write dialogue, I have to delete a whole scene because a character in my head says, “hell no, I would NOT say that you crazy!!” It’s really cool to see your characters develop into their own people. You can plan the plot all you want, but eventually your characters carve their own way. That’s an experience that’s so fantastic, I can’t even describe. My theory is that in a series, when it seems as though it goes on too long and the plots aren’t as good, is that the author gets out of touch with their characters. So, don’t push your characters too far either. But I’m just ranting!

1. Falling in love

That’s Amber and Mykel. They’re a funny pair (not literally funny) and they finally end up kissing in the fourth book. Of course I didn’t intend for this to happen at all, but as I said before, characters chart their own way. These two just drew together like magnets.

But what I mean by falling in love is not your characters, but you. You get a chance to fall in love with something really special. I can personally blab about my books for hours and hours since I love them so much! I get so in depth as I write, that I laugh when they laugh, and I actually start crying when they do, or when someone dies. I fall in love with my story and even more so with my characters. Oddly I think of them as real people, and I’m so very much in love with all of them.

You can do that too: fall in love. It’s a wonderful experience to fall in love with something you create. Down to the plot, setting,characters, twists, facial expressions, sentence structure, symbolism, objects, voices, and it can just go on!! You can pack together everything you love and stuff it into a story or into multiple! It’s all up to you! Fall in love with your creativity and your imagination!

Overall, writing is a passion that’s very easy to get into. When I tell people how much I write, I’m always asked, “Oh my gosh, how do you do it?” To me, that’s like asking how I can blink, or how I can breathe. Something like writing becomes natural, and it can become natural to you too if you aren’t writing already. Well, actually, who am I kidding? Everyone writes; even if it’s not in words, you’re constantly writing in your head. Every time you talk you’re writing. Every time you read, you’re writing the words in your head and painting an image with those words.

Writing is an art and a passion. It’s something beautiful to read and also something wonderful to create. It makes you feel like more of a person, I think, to be able to write stories; it really makes you immortal.

-Sara R.

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