Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! And thanks for the cover photo by daekazu on deviantART! All my art will be from there 🙂

For this halloween I decided to snatch some fan art from some novels just for this holiday! But first I’d like to quote a part of my own novel since it briefly covers halloween, and it can bring a good laugh. Plus I’m planning to self publish them soon, so might as well get some word out there 🙂

” ‘Hey, look! There’s another person wearing wings!’ Evelyn exclaims.

So, I don’t carry a calendar with me everywhere I go, but apparently today is Halloween. Go figure. So now we just blend in that much easier. I don’t see the point in Halloween quite honestly. Hey, lets knock on strangers’ doors and beg for candy! If I knocked on a stranger’s door, high chance some Omega–or werewolf, for the common folk–will be hiding behind it, or some other weirdo out to kill me. Good teaching of your children, people, to go knock on peoples’ doors for candy. What a stupid holiday. Or maybe I’m just pissy because I never celebrated one holiday my whole life. I don’t even know when my own birthday is. Bleh, I’m rambling. Moving on.

‘I’m hungry,’ Trevor says as he turns his head while a girl in a miniskirt walks by.

I punch him in the arm and hiss, ‘Stop that.’

‘What? She had nachos. Why, was she hot?’ he asks and turns his head again. ‘Nah, she needs to shave.’ ”

And there you go! Now for some fan art for Halloween 🙂

First up is Maximum Ride

Tallstones. Gazzy’s eyes are EPIC.


Next is Percy Jackson



Next is Hunger Games

AlmightyKee draws costume for district three!

CrocodileLove draws Finnick and Annie. Ah 🙂

And now for the best book series for Halloween: Harry potter



Ha! 🙂 Kuko-chan


Happy Halloween everybody! Have a great one 🙂


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