“The Irises of Flame” intro

Check out the beginning of the Hayden Cressida Series by S.K. Robitaille with this introduction in the beginning of book one “The Irises of Flame” soon to be available…

Ten years ago…

I looked curiously at the young boy who entered the room, while my mother cackled, “Get comfortable, little one.”

She looked at me for a brief moment before locking the door shut. I tilted my head up as if that’d help me view him better, even though he was already lying on the floor from being thrown into the room. I cautiously took a step forward as I saw something twitch on his back, and naturally I wondered what it could be. “Hello?” I tried to speak.

He gasped and looked up at me in fright, and then hurried into the corner of the room. Although covered in shadow, I could tell his face was the same age as mine at six-years-old. “Hey, don’t be scared,” I said as I got down on my knees so I didn’t look too tall to him. “What’s your name?”

He curled his lips tight to keep them shut, and he bent his knees tighter to his chest as if that’d help protect him.

“Don’t be scared,” I repeated. “I’m Hayden.” I genuinely smiled at him and reached my hand out, my other hand grabbing a hold of my dress, but he huddled further into the corner of the room.

I shrugged and instead asked, “Wanna play a game?”

He barely shook his head no, but kept his eyes locked on me to make sure I wouldn’t do anything fishy.

“What’s on your back?” I inquired as I got on my tiptoes to try and take a peek. “Do you have extra arms?”

“No,” he softly replied.

“Oh, hey, you do talk! I knew it.” I sat down in front of him pretzel-legged, and I played with the ends of my dress as I stared at him. “What is it then?”

He nervously tugged at the end of his shirt that was too big for him since it went past his knees, and then he mumbled, “Nothing.”

“Hmm,” I pondered as I tried to peek. Something on his back twitched again and curled tighter to him, so I smiled a little figuring it out. “I spy with my little eye something…gold.”

He slightly furrowed his blonde eyebrows, but looked around the basement anyway in search for the color. He pointed his small hand to the frame of a mirror, but I shook my head. He pursed his lips in thought, and after a minute of searching, he looked back at me and softly said, “I can’t find anything.”

I cocked my head a little since his voice sounded a bit funny, like as if he wasn’t originally from here. I ignored that for a moment, and instead focused on my back and what’s attached there. I smiled just a little as I slowly spread out my extra limbs on my back, and I sighed with relief once they stretched out to their full potential.

His eyes seemed to boggle out of his head like two curious cats wanting to explore, and he leaned forward a bit to stare at the only other golden thing in the room.  “You…” he started, his small voice gasping at points. “…you have them too?”

“Mhmm,” I nodded, so without delay, he slowly spread out his silver wings from behind his back and kept his eyes locked on mine. “They’re pretty,” I smiled.

For the first time he smiled just a bit, but even that small smile lightened up the darkness of the basement. “I’m Aryc.”

“Aryc,” I repeated with a smile as he kept staring at my wings. “You’re gonna be my new best friend.”

His innocent hazel eyes looked back into my brown ones, and as if silently confirming my statement, he ran his fingers on the top of my wing and smiled with knowledge that he wasn’t alone.

And we never will be.


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