Character profile: Hayden Cressida

So, I decided to get a start on with introducing the world to my novels: Hayden Cressida Series. I’m going to self publish them, and I’m in the process of editing the first novel “The Irises of Flame” like a madwoman before even thinking of putting it in print.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to Hayden Cressida. (sorry for bad drawing. And bad quality lol. It was a quick sketch!)

Aside from bad quality drawing, my writing is much better. So, take Hayden seriously. If you don’t, she’ll kick your butt. Let me do a character chart for you 🙂

But first, here’s how I envision her in reality. Don’t mind the model’s weird pose o.O


If you haven’t already, check out my tab “My Writing/Series” to get a better idea of what my series is about. But, as you can see, she has wings. Dragon wings. She’s the leader of her clan of six, and half of their DNA is of a dragon. She’s the main narrator of the series, and her comical wit always has something to say even in the worst situations.

Age: 16 (at least in the first three books)

Appearance: Campagne blonde (hearing that description makes her thirsty) hair that’s curly, dark brown eyes, and 5’6″ in height.

Powers: Controls electricity (later discovers she can conduct it out of her own body, as well as control lighting), can move things with her mind, and has speed in flight and on foot.

Personality in a small summary: she’s a smartass most of the time with her enemies, but she’s very loving with her clan. On the other hand, she doesn’t mind slapping them on the side of the head when they disbehave.

Wing color: gold with tips dipped in black

Fire: purple and blue, the hottest in the clan and of her species.

Her past: I figure I should go into detail of their pasts because they all have some pretty gruesome ones. Hayden here got taken from her father as an infant, and her abusive mother (who is of her species) keeps her captive in the basement in chains. This is also where she meets Aryc, her right-wing man, and they eventually escape the basement at nine-years-old. However, later on at age ten, Hayden gets raped as a child by a random stranger who keeps her captive for three days. On the third when he comes at her with a knife to kill her, she discovers her power of moving objects with her mind since she forces the knife through his gut to kill him instead. From then on she hates the thought of sex or even men half naked, which comes of issue later in the series. Through her childhood she reaches out to others in her species that she runs into that are trapped, and sets them all free. This is how she gains Evelyn, Amber, Trevor, and then finally Mykel.

Speaking of Mykel, that gets kind of complicated later on too…

But of course don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a love story. Far from it. It’s a story of survival, of family, and of intensity. Hardships and cruelty, blood and anguish, laughter and tears, and everything in between. Suspense, twists, horror, comedy, and okay, a little romance. I hit every sensitive subject on purpose, so every character can connect to someone out there as well. But of course there’s the action and the gore to intensify the plot as well, since they are animals after all. What animals don’t fight?

So, I figure you need some quotes from Hayden to enhance her character better. So, enjoy 🙂

(when waking up captured with Aryc. Oh, and the italics is him speaking in her head)

I open my eyes and tug at the chains that resist me to the chair. Hmm, much smarter than rope, I’ll give them props for that. I open my mouth about to call for Aryc, when he says: I’m fine, Hayden. Are you okay?

I turn my head and see Aryc in my peripheral vision tied behind me, so I reply, “Of course I’m fine.”

I barely feel his fingertips brush against mine, so I brush mine a bit against his too to reassure him that I’m here to protect him. Cale found us, apparently.

“Why did he capture you last time?”

He wouldn’t say, he really wanted you though.

“Because I’m just too sexy for my shirt?”

Aryc chuckles a little and leans his head back against mine. “You never know.”

“I knew it.”

He laughs a bit more and I smile a little since being here with someone cheerful helps the situation a lot. Tie me to a chair in chains? Please, no problem, I’ll still laugh about it.

(first meeting Mykel)

He cocks his head a little and asks, “What?”

I shake my head a little to snap myself out of it. Why am I so glued to his eyes? All they are is purple and black, like the colors of space and the small twinkle catching in his eyes from the light inside the mall is the moon.

Ugh, I’ve gone nuts. Need therapy ASAP.

(after Evelyn gets snagged in a van)

I push my hands in front of me and grunt a little from the weight of the van as I stop it with my mind. The driver stares wide-eyed at me as I levitate the car upward and dip it forward so the hood is touching the ground and the back is up at the sky.

Trevor runs to me, jumps onto the car, and then tears the door off even with his thin muscles. After getting Evelyn with a tight embrace, I let the car slam to the ground.

A few of them get out, and as they start to phase into wolves, Mykel stands in front of us and puts his hands in front of him. Mykel grunts as this black ball slams out of his hands, and as it hits the Omegas, they immediately turn into dust.

Sirens start wailing and heading our direction, so I sigh and look at my clan. “Everyone up!”

They all nod, and after Amber tosses me my jacket, we all snap open our wings and take off into the skies.

Sometimes we can’t be inconspicuous when one member of our clan is in trouble, and there was an example for you.

“Thanks, Hayden,” Evelyn breathes.

I nod and give her a smile and focus on getting higher so no one below us can see our faces.

“Mykel, that power you have is epic,” Trevor says then high fives him.

“Thanks, I guess.”

I guess levitating a car off of the street isn’t enough to get peoples’ attention nowadays is it?

(Hayden waking up after an experiment: book two)

“Hello? Dragon girl squirming over here! Let me loose,” I announce as I squirm around more.

“Hayden, is it?” a woman asks, peering down at me.

“No, I’m SpongeBob.”

“Okay sweetie, well—”

“Sweetie? Really? Does it look like I’m gonna skip over to your house with a basket of cookies? Don’t call me sweetie.”

She clears her throat and continues, “You were just a part of a simulation so we can test your biological affects.”

“How about emotional? You don’t mind making me go through someone’s death? Hmm. Then I guess you don’t mind if you go through the emotional affect of me snapping your neck?”

She taps her pen on the clipboard, so I ask, “Aren’t I supposed to be executed today? I’m looking forward to it, actually. Time to kick some butt.”

“It’s been postponed a day or two so we can run a few more tests.”

“I would clap for that, but as you see I’m chained down. So I’ll just make the sound.” I snap my tongue on the roof of my mouth so it loudly echoes in the sanitized room, and she immediately covers my mouth with her gloved hand. “Please stop that; you’ll be out of this room soon.”

I sneer a little from the scent of her gloved hand penetrating my nostrils, so from that cue she brings her hand back. “What other tests are there? Do I get to kill something?”

“I’m not classified to tell you.”

“That’s lame.”

“She speaks too much,” a man on the other side of the room states.

“Would you like me to sing instead?”

“Please don’t,” he says, and I can practically imagine him rolling his eyes.

“Oh oh oh,” I start singing. “I’m tied to this ta-a-able and I’m bo-o-o-red!”

“Shut up, demon,” he hisses.

“And this guy across the room is a je-e-erk! And I…haven’t…even gotten a drink of…” Dramatic pause for affect. “Water!” I sing loudly.

“Get her out of here and to the fight,” he orders.

“You don’t like my singing? You try making up lyrics on the spot.”

(the romance aspect; Hayden kissing Aryc: book two)

Once I get past my anxiousness on showing my true affection for him, it just feels so, so good. And just so, so right. All I can feel is Aryc, and I’m completely okay with just staying here with him and not having to worry about anything else in the world.

So many things he’s destroyed and ripped apart with his strong jaw, but with me it’s so gentle and caring. Of course he’s not entirely gentle because he kisses on the harder side, but I wouldn’t want him to kiss soft anyway. Don’t mind me when I say this: we’re technically part animal, and that part makes us like things on the rougher side. Please no sexual jokes, thank you.

(Wise words from Hayden)

“Even when things get dark, when the world suffocates you and wants to engulf you in its madness, there is always a small spark of happiness left. It can be light, just like Aryc is to me. It can be companionship, just like my clan. Or it can simply be you. Because you are your biggest weakness, but ulitametely, even stronger than that, you are your own strength.

I know it sounds lame and kind of lonely. But I’ve learned a lot from Mykel, more than I want to admit. He taught me that people look up for hope, when in actuality we were designed and created to be our own hope, our own inspiration. After nine years in a basement, a week of rape, seven years of getting captured, beaten, hated, and torn apart, I can proudly look at myself in the mirror and see someone strong. Someone loved. Someone that gives light.

And I promise you, from the depth of my fire breathing heart, that you can find that too. And that in itself is worth living through any darkness.”


Aryc and Hayden 🙂 His wings are silver, so sorry they’re so light in the picture! And the words got cut off, but it says “I will never leave your side”

So, there you go, hope you enjoyed Hayden!

Check out the rest of the clan too!

Aryc’s character profile is here

Mykel’s profile is here

Take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

-Sara R.


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