Catching Fire: Movie Stills

I got some new stills from Catching Fire from, and I also follow the FB page called “HG Girl on Fire” that has a bunch of updates, so check them out! Remember that Catching Fire is coming out on November 22, 2013!

Let’s check out some stills from the film!

Looks like Plutarch and Haymitch!


Mrs. Everdeen and Prim! Prim looks so much older than the last film for some reason…

Or maybe I’m just going crazy!


President Snow!


Katniss and Peeta on their tour! Oh, Peeta…why so serious?


Gale with Peacekeepers. This looks like it’s leading to a certain scene *wince* I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read. But if you haven’t read the books shame on you 😛


Last but not least, Finnick Odair and Katniss. Looks like they’re in the training room. Interested to see how his character is on screen. If I’m disappointed though? A real uprising will happen >:D


Remember to see the movie on November 22 this year! And may the odds be ever in your favor that you get a good seat.

Keep reading! And, well, for those lazy butts that just watch the movies I yell this at you: Get Reading! Now! Now I say!

-Sara R.


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