Character Profile: Aryc Fitzgerald

Now to introduce you all to another character in the “Hayden Cressida” series: mister Aryc Fitzgerald!




And here’s how I imagine Aryc in reality. I mean, usually he’s super sweet and always smiling, but this captured him perfectly as well. He’s intimidating when he’s pissed off. VERY intimidating, and he’s known as the most brutal fighter in the clan, and he’s also known as an intense and merciless fighter in the rest of their species.



If you haven’t already, check my “My writing/series” tag on the top of my page to find out more about what I’m writing. Aryc (pronounced like Eric), is Hayden’s “right-wing man”, and is basically second in charge. Although Hayden won’t ever admit that.


Aryc is the comical relief in the plot, although the rest of the clan of six are pretty funny in general; their spirits are always high out of any situation. But Aryc in particular has known Hayden the longest, and therefore knows how to make her smile the most. This leads to a more romantic interest *wink wink*, but that’s not nearly the whole plot. I’m not a cliche writer here, thank you.

So on that note,  let me give you more background on Aryc.

Age: 16

Appearance: “honey blonde” hair that’s slightly on the long side (as per drawing above), and that Hayden describes as smooth as silk. Oh, correction, “scary smooth” like silk. He has hazel eyes (when he’s in a good mood), and stands at six feet in height.

Powers: he’s a fun bundle of scary! Well first let me cover that he’s the only one in his species that breathes ice instead of fire, so a couple powers of his evolve around that element. Anywho, he’s able to grow ice around his body that’s so thick that it can withstand entire explosions. He finds this power after saving Hayden’s life in book one. To continue, he can also turn invisible, talk in peoples’ heads (multiple at once if need be), can heal wounds with his spit, and here’s an odd one: he can manipulate the nervous system to make it feel whatever he wants. For example, he can make a person feel pleasure, and that person will be relaxed (which he does a lot for his clan). Or on the opposite spectrum, can make a person feel so much pain that they collapse and can’t even scream with the torture. Ready for the best one? He has the ability to reach his hands out in front of him, turn multiple people into ice with his hands, and with a clench of his fists, they smash into multiple pieces. All that’s left? Just a pool a blood.

Personality in small summary: like I said before, he always finds the good out of every situation. Always smiling, always in a good mood. Absolutely adores Hayden to death, quite literally (you’ll get that in book three and four), and his best friend in the clan is Trevor. As for his bad side, once he gets ticked off, he tends to go on a little killing spree. He enjoys killing and hunting, but he tries to restrict himself.

Wing color: silver

Fire: none. He breathes ice instead, and also mist (which he sometimes does to wake Hayden up).

His past: all of the clan members have quite the past, and if anyone has the least torturous, it’d have to be Aryc. Remember that, because after reading this you’ll probably be like: “what? that’s an easy past? seriously?” I know, I know. These poor kids have been through a lot. Anyway, as you find out in book two, he got stolen from his real family. What he thought to be his father tried to saw Aryc’s head off, claiming him to be a demon, and Aryc turned the man’s legs into ice and broke them so he could go free; all that’s left is the scar on the back of his neck. Age sixteen he finds out that wasn’t even his real father, and his real one still lurks.

He ran away at six and traveled from England by boat to America. Which, by the way, he still has the accent. He got captured by Hayden’s mother at six, spent three years in the basement in captivity with her, and they finally escaped at nine. From then on Hayden sought others that were as trapped as them to set them free, and that’s how they gain Evelyn, Amber, Trevor, and then finally Mykel.

Alrighty, now that you know a bit more about Aryc, I think some quotes will help you get to know him personally!

(book two; everything is Hayden’s narration until I give a note otherwise)

He pulls away from me and stares back at me with silver eyes. It’s weird that sometimes the color reminds me of a knife’s blade, but other times it reminds me of this gorgeous silver statue I saw in one of the museums back in DC; I guess it just depends on my mood the way I see his eyes.

“Oh, my love, your eyes are so silver and gorgeous,” Trevor mocks me in a whisper.

“Go to sleep, jeez,” I gently hiss. Wait, gently hiss? Talk about a major contradiction.

“Oh, it looks just like the moon,” Aryc adds as he raises his pitch.

“And together we’re like the universe since your eyes are the sun, and mine are the moon,” Trevor mocks in a British accent.

Aryc chuckles softly and I just roll my eyes a little. Men.

(book two. Aryc and Hayden flying in the sky after a scare of Aryc almost getting killed. Hayden is speaking first about it)

“I was about to lose you today, Aryc. We won’t always have each other.”

“Hayden, look at me.”

I hesitantly look down at him below me, and he gently takes a hold of my hand and pulls me a little closer to him. “But I’m here now. Feel that?” He puts my hand to his heart, and I gulp a little to the feeling. “It won’t ever stop beating until I’m so old and wrinkly that I’ll be too lazy to get the TV remote sitting right next to me.”

“Aryc,” I sigh then continue, “You’re already too lazy to do that.”

Both of our faces beam as we chuckle, and then Aryc says through his warm laughter, “You know what I mean, Hayden.”

“I know, I know,” I smile and grab onto his shirt a little tighter where his heart lays right underneath. “I just hate the thought of you or anyone else leaving me so soon.”

“I’ll be fine,” he reassures. “The only thing taking me away from Earth is old age.”

“What if an angel tries to seduce you and convinces you to go to heaven?”

Aryc chuckles and replies, “I don’t need no angel.” He rubs his head against my neck as I whisper, “That was a double negative.”

“Thank you miss grammar,” Aryc smiles into my neck.

“You’re welcome,” I smile.

(book two, Aryc comforting Hayden when she’s upset)

Aryc looks deep and seriously into my eyes with determination to get something through to me, so I do my best to pay close attention. “We weren’t born to be normal teenagers. So live with it. Cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.”

I feel myself smiling to that one because it just hits home. Aryc knows exactly what to say when I need to hear it; he’s able to pick me up on my feet and slap me back into reality without hurting me while doing so. He’s like my own personal wiseman that reminds me that although we’re different, and although we won’t ever live a normal life, that I should cherish it and love it. And you know what? I do love it, because I have the five of them to fulfill myself with pride.

(small quote in book one. I don’t know why I love it so much)

“They have cheese in a can now? Is that even humane?” Aryc asks to himself.

(book one, after a fight; Aryc’s pov. Just to show a bit of Aryc’s nastier side. Mind you, this is him still being pretty generous)

She puts her hands up and pleads, “Please don’t hurt me.”

I growl as I go over to her and grab tightly onto her throat. “Why are you here?” I hiss.

She gasps in air and chokes, “I was sent.”

“Who sent you?” I snarl as I grab onto her tighter.

“Cale. He said your time is up,” she inhales with difficulty.

“Where is he?” I ask while loosening my grasp just a little so she can talk.

“In the city,” she replies after she coughs a little.

“How does he know where we are?”

“That’s classified.”

I grab onto her neck with both hands and start shaking her as I growl, “Tell me or you’ll die.”

“Okay!” she wails through her constricted throat.

I let her go a little and she simply replies, “Trevor.”

“Me?” Trevor asks in shock. “How?”

“Tracking device,” she replies as she claws at my arms a little.

I growl and bite onto her hand to make her stop. “Where is it?” I hiss.

She looks over at him and says, “That’s classified.”

I growl and stab my talons from my hands into her gut, making her gasp in pain. “Tell me,” I growl as I twist my hand around.

She screeches in pain then shrieks, “His earpieces!”

“Aryc,” Evelyn whines and continues, “Police are running toward us.”

I look up to verify and snort from the realization. I look back at the girl and growl, “Find Cale and tell him something for me.”

“What?” she grunts as I slide my talons out of her.

“If he sends others to kill us,” I growl as I pull her in close and whisper, “I’ll tear him limb from limb, starting with his eyes so he doesn’t know the whole time what I’ll be tearing next.”

She nods hysterically, so I shove her to the ground and shoot up into the sky along with Trevor and Evelyn before the cops can get to us.

The one cool thing about being leader for a while? Getting to say the threatening lines to the enemy, now that’s what I call awesome.

“So I have to get rid of these earpieces,” Trevor mumbles in sadness with his mouth full.

I furrow my eyebrows as I look over at him while we continue to fly up further into the sky. “You kept a hot dog?” I ask.

“What?” he asks then swallows. “I didn’t want to waste any food.”

That’s it for quotes! For now, at least. He has so many good one-liners, but hard to find them all 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Aryc, and I’ll introduce you to the others soon!

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To leave you with words of wisdom, as Aryc says: Cherish it. Conquer it. But most importantly: soar with it.

-Sara R.


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