Character profile: Mykel Dracul

Now to introduce another character in the “Hayden Cressida” series: Mykel Dracul.


That’s Mykel reading a book he borrowed from the library. That book is referred to a few times in the series, but I mainly drew this to show how relaxed of a person Mykel is. Well, at least just on the outside.

And here’s how I envision Mykel in reality. (Model is Rasmus Ledin)

Rasmus Ledin Brick_by_Wakeupnaked

So, if you haven’t already, check out my tab “My writing/series” on the top of this blog. There you can further read about what my series is about. Mykel is one of my absolute favorite characters, and other people who have read it (without much editing) seemed to attract to him too. Not sure why, ha! He’s such the opposite of me in every way, maybe that’s why.

He’s the silent one of the group, rarely smiles and laughs, and has a very troubled set of mind. However, he’s mainly described as a person that’s very visual in his surroundings, and although he’s mainly silent in conversation, it’s just his way of trying to understand how the world really works; well, at least how Hayden’s world works (the leader of the clan). Through time he talks more and becomes more open, and he ends up becoming one of the more relatable characters because of how much he’s been through, and yet how much he desires to live a different life.

Anywho, let’s go into more of a background on mister Mykel.

Age: 16

Appearance: black hair that’s always on the long side; he prefers to have his bangs covering at least one of his eyes. Muscular shape, strong jaw, and the most prevelant of features that’s always mentioned is the tattoo on his left forearm. It’s of barbed wire, and behind it are purple and black dragon wings, which his father created to show his control over him. Later in book one, Mykel tattooes another one on his upper back that reads “freedom.”

His eyes are always mentioned the most, merely because Hayden is so drawn to them. Naturally they’re turquoise, which Hayden finds amusing since his personality is so hidden, yet the color of his eyes show the true passion of his soul: bright. And when they turn colors when he’s pissed off, they turn dark purple and black. I’ll go into more description there later in a quote.

Powers: yikes. Okay, let’s get the list started.

He’s able to control wind, and that’s the less scary of them all. Okay, so he’s able to create this black ball in his hands, and when he pushes it against something or someone, they turn into dust. With that in mind, he can also create that black substance on his wings, and when he spreads them, that thin, black force propels through building and metal. And with that in mind, he can form this black force all around his body, and when he exerts it, he’s been able to destroy entire cities. Damage can be seen of this power near the end of book one, when Hayden and Aryc almost die because of it.

Personality in small (kinda) summary: as stated above, Mykel is a reserved person. His smiles and chuckles are considered a gift to whoever gets to hear it. He hates any kind of physical touch, at least in the beginning of the series. He’s mainly uncomfortable with who he is as a person, but he’s always had a knack of caring about others far more than himself. He doesn’t mind risking his life for Hayden and the others early on; he’s extremely loyal.

Although he hates any form of “bad” emotion, in time the clan gets him to open up more and more through time. He’s always the quieter of the group, but he’s never resentful toward them.

And although he knows he’s an extremely dangerous person when it comes to fighting and powers, he’d rather not use them most the time. He doesn’t like to destroy things so easily; he’d rather create.

Wings: dark purple and black. The purple and black swirl together, and it can’t entirely be noticed where one color stops and another begins. His wings are noted to be the color of midnight, and when he flies in the night, he’s basically undetected. His wings are also the thickest in the clan, so they have an enormous amount of strength.

Fire: he breathes fireballs instead of a constant flame. However, these balls of fire can grow bigger than him in size, and the effects they can cause aren’t pretty.

His past: as said in other posts (I’ve only profiled Hayden and Aryc so far), their pasts can get really gruesome. So, let’s dig into Mykel’s.

Not much is known about his past for an extremely long time, but bits and pieces are given throughout the series. Finally in book four Mykel confesses everything to Amber, and vice versa. Their relationship is quite interesting to say the least.

Anyway, I’ll give it all (basically) here at once. As a child his immediate family was his main influence: mom, dad, and sister. His mother was the only person he connected to, for his father disapproved of everything he did. According to his father, he wasn’t man enough to be considered a real person, let alone a son. His father was extremely abusive, and Mykel was put into a dungeon many times in his life. He was hit and scorned at the simplest things, since his father claimed it would turn him into a proper man and killer that he was supposed to be.

At twelve his mother left, the only person he was close to, and from then on he shut down as a person. His father kept abusing him, his sister followed in on the abuse, while Mykel took it all in silence. Smiling and laughing was considered childish, so he grew out of doing either.

Finally at sixteen he meets Hayden at a restaurant when he’s with his father and sister. There’s a bomb set in there, and after Mykel warns them about it, Hayden is determined to have him in her clan. After many confusions and decisions, Mykel finally allows himself to follow where his heart wants him to go: freedom. And from there he lives with Hayden and the others, learning along the way how to smile again.

Of course that’s just the jist of what Mykel’s past is, it gets more detailed in the books themselves. But I think people are so drawn to Mykel since his character grows so much in the series. He’s mysterious and silent, yet it’s never doubted that he loves the clan with every fiber in his dragon heart.

Every clan member is caring and loving, but when Mykel finally shows the same thing, it has more of an impact.


So now that you have a bit more of a background on Mykel, some quotes will help get to know him better!

(book three, Hayden looking into Mykel’s eyes during a heart-to-heart)

For a while I just look into his purple and black eyes. The black swirls and curves in the dark purple like a never ending maze, a place to forever get lost in never to be found by the world again. Even his eyes show the mystery of his personality, as if those delicate swirls of black hold all the mysteries he can never escape from; that small little maze will always consume.

In a corny way to think of it, his eyes are constantly like the sky no matter what time of day. While turquoise it’s like daylight when the sky is its brightest and the people down below feel the warmest. And when they turn dark and intricate, it’s like the sky at night; it’s filled with so many mysteries and wonders, as if no matter how deep one can go into space, they’ll never quite fully understand the history behind it. Just like Mykel.

I’ve just gone nuts with descriptions lately.

(book two)

Mykel looks at me and gives a shrug of the shoulder. Sometimes I think his shoulder shows more emotion than his face does.

(book three, captured at the moment. the “dark-haried one” is Mykel, by the way)

“Are all of their wings as big as Hayden’s?” someone inquires near the front.

“No,” he replies. “The bald one has the longest, the youngest girl has the smallest and has feathers instead, and the dark-haired one has the thickest.”

“Thickest pleasure the best, baby,” Mykel whispers.

I snort with amusement and cover my mouth to stop myself from bursting out in laughter, which is hard to do since Mykel rarely has those extremely funny comments.

(book one, Hayden in the doctor’s office with Mykel when he’s getting his wings stitched up. Just a smidgen of conversation)

He’s silent for a long while, but I assume it’s from the pain of the stitches rather than a pause for thought; maybe it’s both?

But eventually he looks down at my hand on his and shortly explains, “Sometimes the person to change your life is yourself. You’re lucky to have extra support, but without it…” he pauses for a while and winces in between breaths, and then finishes, “…you gotta kick yourself into shape.”

I slightly nod with agreement and softly ask, “You’ve had it rough, huh?”

He looks back up at me with eyes guarded, although they’re naturally that way, but in this case it seems more so than normal. He curtly nods in response to my question, and then he whines before slamming his head against the table with discomfort.

“Sorry, Mykel,” Hennigan says then continues, “I’m almost done with this wing.”

Mykel raises his head again and swings his long bangs out of his eyes, only for them to fall back over his right eye again. “Want a hair cut? That must get annoying with your bangs,” I observe, but also purposely switch subjects so the atmosphere isn’t so clouded.

“I like it.”

“All right,” I shrug then push his bangs to the side. “I like seeing both of your eyes though.”

“I feel too vulnerable,” he says before tilting his head away, and then swishes his head back and forth to make his hair fall perfectly in place.

“I wish my hair could do that. If I swish it back and forth it looks like wind raped it.”

Mykel’s eyes lighten up a little with amusement as he rests his chin down on the table.

(book one, small snippet of Hayden and Mykel talking about miracles. I just love Mykel’s quote)

Mykel shrugs and closes his eyes as he turns to his side. “Some people need other miracles to save them, but some people are their own miracles.”

“That makes no sense,” I say as I lie back on my branch.

“A lot of things don’t, Hayden, but we gotta accept that and appreciate what we have.”

(book three, Mykel pov, after he gets briefly captured)

The bag slips off from my head, so I take in a breath to take in fresh oxygen. I quickly scan my eyes around me to assess the situation, and I find myself sitting in a chair under a light, while the rest of the room is filled with darkness. I look down to see my arms facing upward and chained to the armrests, while my legs are shackled to the chair.

And what’s the first thing I think to myself? Is it: wow, I’m really screwed. Or is it this: wow, what a cliché place to wake up to.

Yup, you guessed it, it’s option two. I mean come on, how freaking Hollywood is it to be trapped to a chair under a light while the rest of the room is dark? Did people decide it’s cool to only pay for one lightbulb for their electrical bill?

(book one, Mykel pov when he’s stepping out by himself in the forest)

I shake my head a little to get rid of the thoughts and keep digging my talons deeper into the ground. I hear the crunching of the leaves beneath me and the wind trickling against the leaves of the trees. What a great night for a walk. Yeah, I should be wanting to fly right now, but I actually love the feeling of walking almost as much as flying. I can only feel so much in the sky, but on the ground I can feel the dirt between my toes and the bugs crawling around. It’s just so much more lively down on the ground.

I hear someone take in a big whiff behind me, but before I turn around I hear someone ask, “Mykel?”

I take in a whiff expecting to smell Hayden’s scent, which is like a perfume that screams desire. Bad description, I know, but I don’t know how to explain her scent. It’s not flowery like Evelyn’s, but strong and addicting like a deep perfume that someone could easily get high from.

Instead I smell cinnamon: Amber.

Yeah, Amber smells like cinnamon. I don’t think she knows that, but if she knew then she’d probably be pissed she got assigned such a feminine scent. So don’t tell her every time I smell her I want a churro.

(book one, Mykel’s pov. Having a slight heart to heart with Amber at Disneyland, and they’re alone at the moment. Middle of a conversation, but I snipped this one out for the time being)

“Hayden is great,” Amber smiles just a little. “I love her to death. Evelyn is hilarious, she brightens my day. Trevor may play himself as just a dork, but he’s so protective and smart. Aryc is pretty funny too, and a great guy altogether. And then we got you.” I stiffen a little ready for her to slam me for something even when she seems to be getting along with me more. “You’re like the piece we never had.”

Well, I didn’t expect that.

I look over at her, and she finally looks back at me, and even in this light I can see the blueness of her eyes. “What do you mean?” I inquire.

Amber rubs her lips together then replies, “Hard to explain. You just fit with us so well in some way. I don’t know.”

My eyes lighten just a little through the protective cloud I always put up. “Well, thanks.”

“No problem.”

We turn away from each other again and look out at the amusement park. The fake mountain shakes below us again as the roller coaster rolls by and people scream.

“And thanks for today,” I decide to cut in after about ten minutes of silence.

“What about it?”

“You know…convincing me to stay with you guys.”

“Oh, no problem. I’ve unfortunately grown a little attached to you.”

“Unfortunately,” I repeat with a little bit of amusement.

“Yeah, unfortunately,” she smiles and nudges her shoulder against mine.

(book one, Mykel and Hayden walking out of a library. they just finished talking about how he keeps the weirdest things)

We turn around and start walking toward the door, when Mykel continues, “I still have this.”

He pulls out a card and hands it to me. I look at it and see a red bulls eye in the middle of it and the name “Target” in the upper left corner. “Is this a store?”

He nods. “Has about two bucks left on it.”

“You can go crazy in the candy aisle,” I suggest and hand it back to him.

He chuckles very softly, which catches me off guard a little since I never hear him laugh that much. It’s a lot different than the laughs we have, it’s like he’s laughing in his chest rather than his throat since it’s so deep. But I kind of like it; it’s as if he’s laughing with his heart instead of his voice.

“Candy gets me hyper. I don’t eat much sugar.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I say as I smile a little.

“Should I be afraid?” he asks as the automatic doors open for us and the clan looks over our way.

“Be very afraid,” I whisper.

Mykel locks eyes with me and chuckles very softly once more as he tucks the book under his arm. I smile a little more and try to imagine him hyper, but that’s nearly impossible. It’s nice just getting a few sentences out of him at a time, but who knows, maybe when he’s hyper he’s able to mutter like…a whole paragraph. That’d be progress.

Okay, so I can quote this guy for an extremely long time, but it’s difficult to find quotes since he doesn’t talk much! It’s practically all description, or you have to read the context to fully appreciate it.

But, anyway, there’s Mykel for you!

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Remember to take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

-Sara R.


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