Just a Random Story Time

I don’t ever really get personal on here, but since it’s related to books, I thought I’d share my short story.

So the other day I went to B&N with my boyfriend, Stephen, and we were just aimlessly looking around for any type of book that would catch our fancy. I was walking around the young adult section where the more popular books are, since I still enjoy reading them even though I’m twenty 🙂 And behind us was a romance table for young adults. Stephen was looking over there aimlessly, and he snorted a laugh before picking up a book and showing it to me.

I gave a perk of the eyebrow wondering what was so funny, and he asked, “Does this look like a novel to you?”


“Because apparently they thought it was imperative it put ‘a novel’ underneath the title. Am I supposed to think this was a piece of food I was supposed to eat? Of course I know it’s a novel!”

So, moral of the story: if you’re going to write a book, don’t put “a novel” underneath it. Apparently it offends the audience, and makes them want to have some sort of comical comeback.

Or just want to eat food once mentioning it.

Keep on reading!

-Sara R.


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