Fan Art: Catching Fire

So, I haven’t put up fan art for The Hunger Games in forever. And what better art to post up than Catching Fire themed ones, eh?

Thanks for the featured image done by Waffles!

I have another post focused on fan art for Catching Fire, which you can check out here

Verlisaerys. I love the background colors in this one. It’s fire-esque, but it’s also endearing.


 The next three are by kara-lija. Love all of their faces in this one, especially Katniss’. The fire of the forest down below adds a lot of extra texture to look at!


Awww 🙂 They look so much at peace with one another. Just breathing in each other’s lives.


Ooooooh! Love how the fire is contributed here, as well as the city. Katniss looks so strong!


theant4. So realistic! Stunning!


mseregon. Gale and Katniss in the beginning of the book! For some reason I really like Gale’s face in this one. And his hair, I wanna touch it. Is that weird?

Love the sunlight breaking through as well. Beautiful.


elbarien. Katniss’ face is stunning! I love the angle of the bow and arrow; please don’t shoot me! And I love how the Hunger Games pin at the bottom is smoking like it’s slightly burning as well. Awesome!


SilkSpectrell. Katniss and Peeta protecting each other!

survivors_by_silkspectreii-d4vt0samartinacecilia. Beautiful! Loved this scene, and it’s drawn beautifully!

the_bride_on_fire_by_mary_chan-d4mzx4sThe Next two are by MariaSunderland. Love her face in this one! And the dress…wow!


Beautiful! Katniss and Peeta don’t want to be apart in the arena, not even for a moment! The colors are stunning! Love the lightning!


mangopatch. Peeta painting! Love his face!


That’s all for this week! Check out all the awesome art on DeviantART 🙂

May the odds be ever in your favor!

-Sara R.


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