Capitol Pictures: Catching Fire

So there’s these photos of the main characters that are supposed to be like the Capitol taking them. So, I snatched (legally, haha) these photos for ya’ll!

Cinna! Still till this date I pictured him a lot differently. I hope his character improves in Catching Fire.


Caesar! I like his blue hair better šŸ˜‰


Haymitch! Look at him all proper-like. Needs a beer in his hand for sure.


Miss Effie! Is it bad that I actually kind of like her dress? Epic Halloween attire, that’s for sure.


Johanna! She looks the part! Excited to see her act.


Beetee! Not how I pictures him at all. Wasn’t he supposed to be an old white guy? Or did I read it wrong? It’s like “I am Legend” all over again. Mixing races and ages…

Anyway, I shall see if I like his acting on screen.


Mister Peeta Mellark! I still envisioned him a lot differently. Let us hope his eyes are actually freaking blue in this movie, eh?


Gale! Looking forward to seeing his character grow in Catching Fire. I mean, I understand how Katniss can see him realtionship-wise, but in the book I always saw him as her brother. But the things I want to do with him seeing him on screen…

Stop. Be professional. Gale=awesome. Not attractive, hot, and a man I’d like to–

Moving on!


Finnick! Want a sugar cube?

I can think of another piece of sugar I’d like off of him. Ha šŸ˜‰

Gotta be professional. I still envisioned him differently, but I shall see how he acts on the big screen. Where I can see more of him on a bigger scale. *drools*


And for the grand finale, miss Katniss Everdeen! She’s too badass to even sit in the chair šŸ˜‰ I’m so ecstatic to see this wedding dress burst into flames (hopefully realistic ones this time), and turn her dress black instead. She looks stunning!


How excited is everyone for Catching Fire? Bring on the heat!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

-Sara R.


3 comments on “Capitol Pictures: Catching Fire

  1. Oh katniss looks so pretty! Can’t Waite to actually see the love triangle, that’s bound to get everyone on teams. I’m totally team Peeta!

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