A Show With Character

So, before I begin, I promise that this post actually pertains to my blog 🙂 I’ll connect the lovely dots for you in a moment.

Anyway, I’ve been super obsessed with this show on Syfy. Why they abbreviated it that way is just dumb, by the way. When the channel used to be SciFi it would actually make sense! Now they’re just putting y’s where they don’t belong. Sheesh.

But anwho, I’ve become obsessed with the show “Face Off.” Have any of you seen it? Well, for those who haven’t, it’s a competition to see who can create the best makeup. I don’t mean makeup like you see every day, but the kind of crazy makeup in movies that need a prosthetic. Like this…


And I’ve been watching the past two seasons, including this one! I love this show so much because they can create some really amazing things! These artists have a vivid imagination and a wonderful talent. Each character they put on stage has a back story and a purpose, and each one is sending a message by how they look.

Some characters are sad but beautiful…


Some have a lot to them physically…


Some were deadly, slightly bloody, and yet gorgeous all in one…

Face Off - Season 4

Some are just downright scary…


And others don’t always turn out so well…


I love how this show has a variety of styles, imaginations, and characters. Each artist creates something from their imagination and translates it to clay, to a prosthetic, and then to a full makeup.

I do very much enjoy this show, but it also got me thinking to reading and writing. Of course it would, being an author and all 😉

There can be a variety of characters everywhere we look with different backstories. Even the way they look can tell the whole story of where they come from and how they may act. It got me thinking how that pertains to writing. You can create so many different stories just from how people can look or act. Characters can be so vivid!

Leave it to me to connect a show to books, eh?

So keep on reading, and watch Face Off!

-Sara R.


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