Meme Monday!

Happy Monday! This week I give you memes featuring The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Enjoy!

I can understand the math, but I still found this one funny 🙂


Yo, yo, yo! We be chillin, we be killin, we be fightin the evil villain!

I remember this guy ^_^h129BD907

Agreed. I sense a role play night…

YOU SHALL NOT PASS….on facebook

Math question: there’s one purple monkey on the roof and he has twenty oranges, how long will it take to break the roof?

Answer: Two hours because the aliens’ engine broke.

Magic reference 😉

Heh heh heh…


Have a great week! Be happy evil lords aren’t after you to kill you. Or try to get a ring that just “turns you into an invisible crack addict.” I’ll post a video to that reference later this week 🙂

Keep reading!

-Sara R.


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