Fan Art Friday: Maximum Ride

I haven’t done fan art friday in FOREVER! I apologize 🙂 And would like to make it up to you by giving you fan art this friday focusing on Maximum Ride! Yay! *throws confetti*

I hope someday I can post fan art of my own series *dreams up in the clouds*

*Max slaps me across the face* Get it together! Start showing the art of ME being AWESOME.

Sorry, Max. Here’s the fan art! Enjoy 🙂

otaku-of-doom. Iggy!!!!! AHHH!!!


PeachesCW. They’re so cute! Iggy for the win 🙂


SpiralNinja05 describes this as Iggy holding onto his younger self before he goes blind, telling him to hold onto everything precious. Try not to cry…cry a lot.


PeachesCW. So cute! I love the last frame with lil Max Jr 🙂


These next three are by Maximwolf. Great artist! 

Fang….without shirt…*brain short circuits*


Go Max! The one with a cookie? Oh my gosh *fan squeal*

This one is entitled “Whispers in the dark.” Can I say one thing? LOVE.


Blue-Hearts. I’ll take one, Iggy 🙂 Or ten…or one-hundred…


Deesney draws Fang’s smile as he teases Max, “You looooove me. You love me thiiiiis much!”


SpiralNinja05. To help your brain explode with the cutest fan art ever in mankind…

Little Iggy!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s fan art! Fly on!

And one last thing before you go….



-Sara R.


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