Character profile: Amber Stoika

Time to introduce another character from the “Hayden Cressida” series: miss Amber.


Sorry for bad quality 🙂

This is how I envision her to look in reality though…


Book one “The Irises of Flame” will be released THIS YEAR in November. Check out “My Writing/Series” tab at the top and/or “Hayden Cressida Series” tab at the side of this blog to find out more about this series.

Amber is the stubborn, full of attitude, I’ll-get-in-your-face kind of girl. But she’s not overbearing with it, she’s also kind, loving, and she’s only stubborn just because she wants what’s right for the clan; well, for her family. She’s known to be the common sense in the clan, and the person to knock Hayden on the side of the head if she’s not thinking clearly. Amber is strong hearted, and it’s hard for her to break down. She’s also iffy with newcomers; she doesn’t trust easily.

Let me break it down for you!

Age: 14

Appearance: redhead, sapphire blue eyes (when in a good mood), and she’s also the “curviest” girl in the clan, according to Hayden. Many men lust for her, I’ll put it at that. She also has the sharpest wings with spikes so intensely sharp that she’s able to decapitate someone’s head off with just one swing. She also gains a tail in the third book, which she uses more as an accessory once she gets past the awkward look of it. It’s flexible, reaches to her ankles, and is also a deadly weapon (especially in the last book).

Powers: strength is her main one, and she’s been able to toss a jet aside just to keep her clan safe. She can also set herself on fire, which doesn’t hurt her skin but DOES impact her clothes. In book four she discovers a new power, which enables objects to go through her only when she’s in an upset mood; she can’t go through objects though.

Personality in small summary: as said before, she’s stubborn and doesn’t trust easily. First meeting Mykel in book one she despises him and wants nothing to do with him. However, readers learn more about her hesitence toward men as the series progresses. She speaks her mind and doesn’t mind if it insults anyone. She also tends to hide her deeper emotions and doesn’t let herself become vulnerable much, which actually attracts Mykel and Amber together in the longrun. She’s also a very loving person and loyally stands by Hayden whatever her decisions.

Wings: mainly red, and the bottom and top of her wings are dipped in black. The spikes on the end of her wings are the sharpest, and she also has small spikes that line the tip of her wings. They’re eleven feet in length, and all of the clan members stay their distance in flight or on the ground so her wings don’t accidently harm them–or kill them.

Fire: basic color of red.

Her past: Every clan member has a rough past, so I like to cover them for you all. Amber was locked in a basement with her brother, Jason, and her father taught her that she can manipulate anyone with her body. Amber tells Mykel in book four that her father would bring men for her to “practice” on, but she never goes into detail about what exactly she’d have to do. Throughout her life she’s been able to use sex appeal to get her way, although she always kills them off before it gets too far; until book five.

Hayden breaks Amber and her brother free at eight-years-old, and that’s when Amber first learns how to fly, and also discovers her strength when she pushes a semitruck away from her as she was escaping.

You may think her lack of trust with men comes with the fact that she was taught to use her body to get her way. Not the case. At a young age Amber and her brother were wrestling with one another just to be playful, and by accident she sliced her wing against his neck and killed him by decapitation. Amber confesses to Mykel in book four that it’s hard for her to trust men or be around them because she’s afraid they’ll replace her brother, and then she’ll accidently kill them too. To this, though, Mykel merely replies, “No one can replace your brother.” And no one ever does, even if she does love Trevor and Aryc (the other men in the clan) as her brothers.

So now that you know more about Amber, it’s time to quote her a bit! By the way, Hayden is the main narrator unless I tell you otherwise.

(book one, when the clan is confessing their deepest secrets in exchange for information from Mykel. Basically shows her resentment at first.)

Amber clears her throat and says, “I accidently killed my brother.”

My heart instantly stings from the mention of that memory, and I look over at her. “You don’t have to bring that up, Amber.”

“No, it’s okay. Hayden saved both of us, and I was just wrestling around with him for fun, and when I moved my wing I slit his throat with it.”

All of us grow silent and I gulp a little as the image of his dying face replays in my head.

“He was a great brother too, he would’ve been seventeen like Trevor if he was still alive.”

“I’m so sorry,” Mykel says with sincerity and leans across the table to pat her hand.

“I don’t need the comfort,” she says as she slips her hand away.

Mykel slowly sits back down and says, “Understandable. I’m the same way.”

“Well, you’re not me. Never will be.”

Mykel bites his lip a little and decides to keep it shut.

(Mykel’s pov, book one, and Mykel is standing outside in the forest at night when Amber comes walking up behind him)

Instead I smell cinnamon: Amber.

Yeah, Amber smells like cinnamon. I don’t think she knows that, but if she knew then she’d probably be pissed she got assigned such a feminine scent. So don’t tell her every time I smell her I want a churro.

“Hey, Amber,” I greet as I turn my head back to the forest.

“What are you doing up?” we both ask simultaneously.

We both roll our eyes from it, so she says, “You first.”

Amber stands beside me, which makes my stomach churn a little with hunger. That churro sounds delicious right about now. “I just wanted to be outside. You?”

“I always sneak out without Hayden knowing,” she replies as she kicks her shoes off too and digs her talons in the dirt just like me. She exhales as she closes her eyes and smiles a little, which is weird for me because she doesn’t smile much around me. “It’s nice having some alone time,” she adds.

“Agreed,” I reply.

We stay silent for a while as Amber and I enjoy the nature under our claws. “Wanna—” we both start, so Amber snaps her eyes open and glares a little over at me.

“Go ahead,” I insist.

“Wanna go for a flight?” she asks as she spreads her wings a little.

I shake my head and take a couple steps forward. “I’m going for a walk.”

She grabs onto my wrist, so I turn my head and slip my arm free since I don’t like being grabbed. “What?” I ask.

“Come with me, you’ve gotta see something.”

I narrow my eyes a little and she crosses her arms over her chest as she taps her clawed foot impatiently. “Well?” she asks.


“Just follow. Trust me,” she says while fully spreading her red wings with tips of black at the top and bottom.

“I don’t trust you,” I simply state as I take another step forward into the forest, but I keep my eyes on her.

“That’d be boring if you trusted me,” she cackles a little before she flaps her wings down to lift herself into the air.

(Mykel’s pov, after he makes a big decision to stay with the clan rather than his father and sister; he’s a bit torn up about it)

Amber smiles a bit and curves her back inward a little more in a way to submit to herself. “Sorry about today, Mykel.”

I look away from her and down at my hands instead. “It’s fine.”

“I know it sucks, but sometimes things like that you just gotta rub some dirt in it and move on.”

I like her a little bit more now for saying that. “Hard to sometimes.”

“I know,” she shrugs. “But you’ve got better people in your life now.”

I nod a little in agreement, I can at least agree with her on that part. Sure, I haven’t been with them long, but it never takes a long time to feel like yourself and know it.

“Hayden is great,” Amber smiles just a little. “I love her to death. Evelyn is hilarious, she brightens my day. Trevor may play himself as just a dork, but he’s so protective and smart. Aryc is pretty funny too, and a great guy altogether. And then we got you.” I stiffen a little ready for her to slam me for something even when she seems to be getting along with me more. “You’re like the piece we never had.”

Well, I didn’t expect that.

I look over at her, and she finally looks back at me, and even in this light I can see the blueness of her eyes. “What do you mean?” I inquire.

Amber rubs her lips together then replies, “Hard to explain. You just fit with us so well in some way. I don’t know.”

My eyes lighten just a little through the protective cloud I always put up. “Well, thanks.”

“No problem.”

We turn away from each other again and look out at the amusement park. The fake mountain shakes below us again as the roller coaster rolls by and people scream.

“And thanks for today,” I decide to cut in after about ten minutes of silence.

“What about it?”

“You know…convincing me to stay with you guys.”

“Oh, no problem. I’ve unfortunately grown a little attached to you.”

“Unfortunately,” I repeat with a little bit of amusement.

“Yeah, unfortunately,” she smiles and nudges her shoulder against mine.

(random, short, funny quote ^_^)

“The word vacuum is funny,” Amber adds. “It has no business having two u’s.”

(book three, another random, amusing quote from her)

“Rational?” Jayden snorts. “A girl at school was crying because she fell on the basketball court and scraped her knee. Girls are wusses sometimes. Oh, or when they cower if a volleyball is heading their way. It’s not gonna kill them!”

“Maybe it’s in our genes to dodge balls from hitting our face,” Amber says.

I almost snort out my hot chocolate, but I somehow swallow it down and crack up laughing. Amber laughs with me, and eventually Evelyn catches a clue and starts laughing with us.

“While guys are just like: mmmmm, bring on the balls!” Evelyn wails.

We roar into another wave of laughter, and the guys start laughing too…

(Book three, Amber just got out of the shower b/c she was freaking out about gaining a tail. Now at this point she’s calm, and the first to talk)

She nods and runs her hands through her damp hair before saying, “Please no nickname calling, like devil tail or anything like that.”

“Think rationally for a moment,” Aryc starts. “Why in the bloody hell would we insult a girl who could punch clear through our body?”

“Good point,” she slightly nods.

“Are things fine in there?” Mykel inquires from the hallway.

“Yeah,” I reply.

“Just Amber’s naked body dripping wet,” Trevor replies.

“Shut up,” Mykel growls.

(Book five. Crazy girl.)

“Enough of the sap talk,” Amber smiles. “Let’s kill these wackos.”

(book three. At an airport trying to escape in a jet, but Amber is lacking a bit…

time for an action scene!)

She turns to me and starts sprinting to try and better catch up before she flies. I see a small jet coming in fast from high in the sky in my peripheral view, so I take a full look at it. Its nose is pointing straight toward the ground, and I don’t have to be a genius to know jets aren’t supposed to land like that.

I turn my head away for a moment when I hear the opening of our jet move slightly, and part of Trevor’s face is shown through it.

“Hayden!” Trevor shouts over the roar of the engine. “The jet’s gonna hit the ground! The explosion will kill us!”

“Not if I have something to do about it,” I growl to myself and focus on the jet about to hit the ground, but it’s too close to get a good enough focus to control it.

“Amber!” I squeal in fright since I can’t stop the jet from falling toward the ground.

She quickly turns her attention toward the jet instead and stops sprinting to face it head on.

“Amber!” I barely shout before the jet comes in contact with her.

She socks the front of the jet, and it creates a huge hole before flipping backward. So she quickly takes the fin of the jet and flies into the air a bit before spinning it around in a few circles. Smoke surrounds her as she does so, and the sound of the jet spinning like that is cringing and unsettling; probably because jets aren’t supposed to even do that in the first place!

Amber grunts before letting the jet loose, and it erratically flies over toward the far distant weeds. She shields her eyes from the sun to watch it explode, and it looks like a miniature bomb from the height and width of the flame.

(book four, Zeek talking to Amber. I think it sums up her personality perfectly)

“You are very strong hearted, and you know exactly what you want. You don’t follow orders, you merely agree to them. You are guarded of those you don’t trust, which you should be, and you are kind to those that are honored enough to get there. I would be lying to say you are always a very sweet person, but I would also be lying to say you are only rude.” He looks up at me for a moment to finish, “You are just aware of how to safely function, and that’s a beauty not many are fortunate enough to have.”

(book four. Time to get inspirational, Amber!)

“Everyone out there are shadows in fire, a dot of smoke in darkness. But we are an inferno, a force that no other can break. And together…that fire of hatred will never falter our strength…

“We are the number one clan when it comes to hope, when it comes to love. And that makes us ten times more powerful than any kind of fear.”

That’s it for the quotes! Meet some of the other clan members while you’re here 🙂 And meet Amber even more when you read the series, which is coming this November!

Mykel’s profile is here

Aryc’s profile is here

Hayden’s profile is here

Take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

-Sara R.


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