Fan Art Friday: Maximum Ride


Fan art Friday! This week I’m focusing on Maximum Ride as the main theme. Thanks to IAmEmilyK for the featured image! She used photoshop for her photo manipulation; cool, right? Super, epically awesome.

ashkatt. I LOVE Iggy’s wings! Bout time he got some recognition. And off to the side is little Ari; I love how they depicted him because so many people draw him so much older. He’s only seven or nine if I remember correctly!



yukieiri22000. Always gotta love Fang without a shirt on 😉 I do very much love the background as well though, it looks so peaceful!fang_water_bathing_by_yukieiri22000-d3f02i7

gemmafm. Little Angel when they first discover that she can breathe under water. I’m not sure what I love more, Angel herself, or the details of the water! Super realistic and beautiful colors! And that little face! I also love how little droplets of water are dripping from her bottom feathers.


snf3000. I love this angle of Fang, it’s so different! The lighting is just stunning, and I love how he’s standing on the edge of a cliff! Super awesome!


Greenticky. Angel when she first gets captured. I am just absolutely mesmerized by her wings! Amazing!


Follyfoot. Max’s wings here are done really well, that’s what I love so much about it! And the little blood splots around the whole thing? Awesome.


laurastellinamia. Dylan…*drools, drools a lot* At first I hated his character, but I grew to like him. I love all the details this artist gives! The shading and his expression is pretty much to die for.


seanfarislover. So many people! AH! Fang’s gang and the Flock. The artist added in their description that they loved Iggy with a bowtie in “Nevermore” so that’s why he has one 🙂 It looks like this one took so much work!


sbrigs. Dylan again! I mainly like the look on his face ^_^ Great detail overall!



beforethedarkness. To end the artwork, why not end it with a FANG. Instead of ending it with a bang? Get it? Anyway…

Love the expression on his face and the scars on his side! Reminds me of the battle on the beach. And, yeah, Fang is also topless and that’s never something to complain about 🙂



Do you have your own artwork of Maximum Ride? Make sure to check out all these artists on deviantART; their galleries are amazing!


Fly on!

-S. K. Robitaille




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