Book Cover Release

I’m about to give you all a first look at my first book in the Hayden Cressida Series: “The Irises of Flame.” Thank you for all the support thus far, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all! Major thanks for Renu Sharma for the cover art, and you can find her here.

So, I now give you my first book!

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Here’s the synopsis:

When inside you’re made of fire, how can you live without burning?

Meet Hayden and her clan: they’re of a new and different human species, their DNA split in half by a ferocious creature with tremendous power. They are also half dragon. Blessed with wings for flight and unique abilities to their ultimate control, they try to survive in their own hidden world where humans aren’t subjected to the constant threats they face. Together they must endure their secret life of chaos, and tame the fire inside.

But something is about to get unleashed.

When Hayden discovers about The Revolution, the life she once knew is about to be changed into something darker. It’s up to Hayden, Aryc, Trevor, Amber, Evelyn, and Mykel to uncover how to stop it before it consumes all of humanity.

Book one of five in the Hayden Cressida Series.

Check out the “Hayden Cressida Series” tab on the right side of my blog to meet some of the characters in-depth. It’ll be released in November in paperback and e-book, and the exact date is not yet determined. It’s going to be considered a young adult novel, although there are scenes and topics in there that some parents may get mad at me for, but I know young adults can take the gore and horrid backstories. Hope you enjoy it!

-S. K. Robitaille


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