Fan Art Friday: Percy Jackson

I haven’t done any fan art for Percy Jackson much since I haven’t personally read the books just yet, but I figure I should share some artwork from the popular series anyway 🙂 So, enjoy! And thanks to juliajm15 for the featured image of Percy and Annabeth together. So beautiful ❤

Filmchild. I love this photo manipulation! It’s pretty dang awesome 🙂


Jo-yumegari. The lighting is beautiful, and so is his swan dive! Shading is so great!


lostie815. D’awwww 🙂 Percy and Annabeth ❤ The water they’re in is absolutely stunning, down to the ripples at the bottom and the tiny bubbles above their bodies. I think everyone wants an underwater kiss, but it’s hard to beat Percy and Annabeth’s 🙂


Flockelnc. Percy taking a bath! I’d definitely play with some water bending skills myself.


MissySerendipity. Percy meets Finnick from Catching Fire. I thought it was amusing 🙂


pheonixefreet. Realistic water color painting! I mean, the realistic approach is stunning in itself, but in water color is even more impressive! Such a hard element to work with! I’m impressed.


MonsieArts. Can’t forget about Annabeth! I LOVE her hair! And her face is stunning.


SmartsPD. Awwwww. What are you thinking about there, Percy? He is so cute. Why are you not real? WHY?


Hope you enjoyed! Have a great summer, and take a dip in the water just like mister Percy 🙂

Keep on reading, and keep on drawing!

-S. K. Robitaille


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