NEW “Catching Fire” trailer!

HAZA! There’s a new Catching Fire trailer that you can watch only on The link is below 🙂

How excited are you?! The dress scene….*falls on the floor from fandom*

May the odds be ever in your favor!

-S. K. Robitaille


2 comments on “NEW “Catching Fire” trailer!

  1. Love the part when the victors train in new simulations. Also when the dress gets torched and Katniss emerges as a mockingjay. Whoop! I’m on a Hunger Games High. 🙂 Absolutley favorite part is when Katniss and Peeta present themselves in a carriage one again, but this time as badass embers

    • Yeah, the new training room was pretty cool! Although we only got to see a quick flash of Finnick. Come back *reaches arm out* come back to us, Finnick!
      I’m glad the special affects are actually decent this time around! I.e. the carriage ride (awesome) and the dress (epic)

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