Character Profile: Trevor Soares

Time to introduce the final male in the clan in the Hayden Cressida Series: mister Trevor Soares.


Trevor was trapped in chains for the majority of his life until Hayden broke him free from his father’s grasp. Trevor, I believe, has the most “damaged” qualities out of the others, but it makes him that much stronger of a character. He’s the oldest, extremely protective, known for his immature commentary, and yet he’s also one of the wisest.

This is how I envision him…


The first book “The Irises of Flame” will be out November 8, 2013, where you’ll get to know Trevor and the others much better! Check out the “Hayden Cressida” tab to the side, and/or “My Writing/Series” to better understand what the books are about.

So, let me break his character further down for you!

Age: 17

Appearance: he’s the tallest, standing at 6’4″, yet he’s also one of the thinnest; his enemies tend to underestimate his strength. He also has a couple “defects”, considering he’s deaf and blind in his immediate peripheral vision. He has hearing aids to help him hear, but he also knows sign language along with Hayden. He constantly wears sweatbands on his wrists to cover the scars of the shackles that dug into his skin throughout his life in chains. He has light brown hair, green eyes, and an overall strong facial structure that makes him look two years older than what he is. Although he gets dimples when he frowns instead of when he smiles, which Hayden finds cute 🙂

Powers: he’s able to read minds, as well as vibes radiating from peoples’ bodies and intentions. In book three this comes the most in handy, when he knows what’s wrong with someone’s body based solely on the vibe, and therefore knows how to fix it. He’s also able to start an engine of a car by his touch, which he later learns to use on people by absorbing certain energies and exerting it on other sources. He also gains a new power in book four when Evelyn gets hurt and is falling out of the sky, and he’s able to shoot himself at super sonic speed for brief moments in time to get away, or toward, trouble. He’s also able to propel this type of “bubble” from out of his body when he screeches, which in turn pushes against his enemy and launches them at far distances; he doesn’t find much use to this power, oddly. He likes to fight up close.

Personality in small summary: he’s known for his immature commentary, and continuously makes jokes with his best friend, Aryc. He can get pretty easily ticked off with people, but he’s never too aggressive, just makes a slight comeback to get his point across. He’s extremely protective, especially when it comes to Evelyn. Never call him a child, or refer him to his last name, otherwise he’ll get pretty snippy at you. But don’t think he’s all about being serious or defensive, because he’s actually one of the kindest when it comes to newcomers, and always reassures the others that things will be okay.

Wings: green with splotches of yellow, reaching a length of 13 feet. His wings have always been Hayden’s favorite because of the unique colors.

Fire: green and yellow.

His past: every clan member has an intense past, so going into detail about it here will make it that much more interesting. So, Trevor was chained to a wall a majority of his childhood by his father. He was broken free by Hayden at age 12. Later on in book one you learn that Trevor’s dad killed his mother, along with his unborn sister. Obviously his father was extremely abusive, and to this day Trevor is still afraid of him. He refuses to be called a child b/c in his mind it reminds him of when he was a child, and doesn’t want to relive those memories. He also refuses to be referred to by last name, so his father isn’t a part of him whatsoever.

However, he tries his best to put the past behind him. He’s a lot happier with his new family with Hayden.

There you have it! Here are some quotes to help you get to know him better! Everything is in first person in Hayden’s pov, unless said otherwise.

(book one)

“Whoa, my hair feels like cat fur. It’s really soft!” -Aryc

“Want to throw a party for that?” -Trevor

(book one)

“I’m hungry,” Trevor says, while he turns his head when a girl in a miniskirt walks by.

I punch him in the arm and hiss, “Stop that.”

“What? She had nachos. Why, was she hot?” he asks and turns his head again. “Nah, she needs to shave.”

(book one)

“What you see in the mirror is never what others see of you.”

(book four, Trevor’s pov)

“I think that was one of my best traits, to always look off into that forest and see something beautiful, even when I was stuck in a world of chains and decaying darkness. Every day I swore I’d be free.”

(book one. He’s talking about his sight, or lack thereof)

“When I close my eyes I can hear everything around me. And I can imagine everyone around me in a 180 degree angle because the sounds and smells are that precise,” he says as he sways his arm in front of him at the area he can imagine the sights. “And then when I open my eyes…” he opens his soft green eyes and continues, “…I’m restricted to just seeing what’s in front of me.”

(book one, small description from Hayden)

They all shrug except Trevor, so he focuses on me me with his gentle green eyes that hold newly found kindness since I’ve set him free, but they also hide so much pain behind them.

(book two)

“Get up, you lazy sack of weird,” Trevor says and throws a fork at Mykel from the kitchen.

“Don’t throw a fork at him, you weirdo,” I say as I dash over to Mykel and crouch beside him.

“Better than a butcher’s knife,” Trevor argues as he picks up the plate and licks it clean.

“I guess there’s no need for a dishwater,” Evelyn giggles.

(book two)

I take a peek at Trevor, but he doesn’t return the glance as he purposely looks another direction; oddly that direction is the ceiling. But, who knows, there may be a deadly spider up there plotting to bite him and turn him into some weird, half DNA’ed freak. But then again…it’s kind of too late for that one.

(book four, Hayden thinking to herself in the beginning, but I only snipped the last part of her thoughts for length)

Did Zeek and Amber talk without my knowledge?

“Yes,” Trevor replies.

“About what?”

“Hmm?” Trevor turns his head to fully see me. “Are you talking to me?”

I look at him too and ask, “Weren’t you listening to my thoughts?”

“No, sorry, my world doesn’t evolve around you,” he smiles a bit.

I snort before I gently nudge my elbow against him and ask, “Then why are you talking to yourself?”

“I was talking to Amber. Maybe you should consider I read other peoples’ minds beside your own.”

“Are they half as exciting?”

Trevor chuckles a bit, and for some reason I feel my spirits lift a little since I haven’t heard someone laugh in a while. “Sometimes, depends on the person.”

(book four, and Hayden is walking away from a small fight with a man named Prestyn, and is swerving her way through a crowd)

I end up shoving against a really tall guy, and I look up to apologize, but end up looking into Trevor’s face. “Oh, hello,” I greet instead.

“What just happened?” Trevor asks with slight concern. “What did Prestyn do?”

“Oh, you heard all that?” I point my thumb behind me to refer to the scene I just came from.

“That, plus I was getting this bad vibe from the girl’s bathroom and I know you went in there. What’d he do?”

“Just being an idiot,” I reply, and then inquire, “How’d you know I went in there anyway?”

“I’m your personal stalker, you didn’t get the memo?” Before I retort a reply, he continues, “I’m not completely blind yet, Hayden, I saw you go in there; you don’t have to make every observation I make a huge phenomenon.”

“It’s more fun that way.”

(book four, Evelyn’s pov, and they’re in bed together trying to sleep, but Evelyn is troubled. Trevor is comforting her, and he’s the first to speak)

“You’ve got me to protect you, and vice versa. You know I won’t let anyone ever hurt you, right?”

“I know,” I sigh.

“I haven’t let anybody hurt you yet, have I?”

“Well, no…but…”

He puts his hand on my cheek instead and says, “That still stands, Evelyn. No amount of [killers out there] will take you away from me. Understand?”

I silently nod and stroke my hand up to his chest, and I take in the feeling of his heartbeat against my hand. “But what if—”

He puts his finger over my lips and reassures, “Nothing will happen to you.”

“Things happen…I can very easily be lost too. Or you.”

“I won’t allow it,” he stubbornly shakes his head as he pulls me in tighter, which in turn brings me more comfort. He adds, “You’re way too precious to me. So don’t be scared, you’re my girl to protect, and I promise to always keep you safe.”

“Same here, Trevor,” I say as I trace his hearing aid again. “Love you too much.”

“I do too,” he whispers before he kisses my forehead, and as if that solidifies the end of our conversation, I give a big yawn with exhaustion.

(book five, conversation between Hayden and Trevor, and Trevor is the first to speak)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to steal anything else?”

“I’m sure, you thief.”

“Are you sure you’re sure? Like maybe a car? A few more things to eat? Maybe you want me to steal the missing link?”

“Okay, what?” I snort a small laugh. “Yeah, Trevor, go find me the missing link.”

He pretends to walk off another direction, but he ends up giving a short chuckle before jogging back over to walk beside me instead. As we keep on stepping around rubble and through certain patches of fire, Trevor wraps his second knuckle of his pointer finger around a loop in my jeans just to stay connected somehow.

(book two, Trevor and Hayden are stuck in different cages, and Hayden is trying to get some sleep for the night)

“I was wondering something,” Trevor says so softly I wonder if he’s sleep talking.


“You know how cats make weird noises when they ram each other?”

“Trevor, language. Jeez.”

“Fine, when they make sweet, passionate love to each other. Better?”

“Yes. Continue.”

“Do you think we make weird noises like that too?”

“Oh my gosh,” I whisper as I hold back a laugh.

“Just be like: rreeeerrrrraaaaaaaaaawwwww,” he says sleepishly as he moves his arms around aimlessly.

I hold my hand over my mouth and giggle, “What kind of sound was that?”

“A sexy sound, duh.”

“Oh my God, Trevor, just go to sleep,” I chuckle.

Trevor chuckles a little too and shifts around in his cage to try and get comfortable.

A few minutes pass, so I finally start to get comfortable when Trevor yells, “Reeeeerrrrrrrwaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!”

We both snap our eyes open as we burst in laughter and hold our stomachs, not even caring who hears us.

I’ll leave it at that! Get to know Trevor better and the rest of the clan starting this November 2013!

Hayden’s character profile is here

Aryc’s is here

Mykel’s is here

Amber’s is here

Remember to take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

Keep on reading!

-S. K. Robitaille


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