Better Post Coming Soon…

Hello book/art/writing lovers! I know I’ve been slacking a bit with posting on here, but I promise I have  good reasons!

One: I was at the doctor’s, hospital, and (TMI?) the gyno to see what’s been wrong with my side. They couldn’t figure it out!! So I’ve been laying around trying to help my side heal, and so far it’s been behaving. I can finally lay down without it hurting! Haza!

Two: I just moved to San Jose to finish my last two years of college. So, I’ve been busy packing and moving (yes, even with a side that’s derp). I’m majoring in English, in case anyone would like to know, although I think it’s obvious a writer is majoring in English 😉

Three: Been working on formatting my first book, but I think it’ll get done soon, although school is about to get in the way a bit. Oh well!

Four (and last reason): I’ve been doing some art projects off to the side, and I’m thinking of doing some commission paintings soon for some extra dough in my pocket. Here’s a few paintings as example…




Just for a few examples 🙂

Anyway! I’ll get to posting on here again sometime soon, I’m hoping. Being in a new city and campus has been rather distracting, but I promise I haven’t forgotten you all! I’m sure to post a “Fan Art Friday” this week, and if not, I’ll slap myself on the wrist. You all need another fan art friday.

Hope all is well with you all, and keep on reading!

-S. K. Robitaille


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