Meme Monday: Hunger Games

Hello readers!

I’m really sorry for not posting in a couple months. School has kept me really busy, along with editing my second novel (coming this upcoming February). I’ll be doing a Divergent Movie vs Novel post as soon as I can, although I know it’s delayed and much overdue! For now I give you Meme Monday! I figured I’d celebrate the upcoming theatre release of Mockingjay Part One by focusing this Meme Monday on The Hunger Games! I hope you all enjoy!

Mean Girls Reference 🙂


Facebook inspired madness. MADNESS!h03ABB40BFor the creative nail types!20130805-193522Hehe…hF53B7242Awww, poor Rapunzel.1471205_319048191569313_1755626017_nI do!20130721-113712A mix between Divergent and Hunger Games! l_db81a140-dfd1-11e2-88d3-c1994f300015And for those Doctor Who fans…hD2E24092Hope you enjoyed! Are you all going to the premier of Mockingjay Part One?

Keep on reading! And may the odds be ever in your favor on not getting stomach aches from too much candy on Halloween.

-S. K. Robitaille


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