My Writing/Series

As I slightly mentioned in other places, I am an author myself, and this little page is just giving everyone a small idea of what I’ve gone through in my writing experiences. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s too, so message or comment any time if you want to talk about it!

Well, I have published three of my poems, and I’ve also published two of my short stories, which I may post on here sometime.

As for novels, my ultimate passion, I have been writing since Freshmen year of high school and wrote six novels in those four years (all just side stories in my closet now). I wrote three books as a series then too, and although those are pretty good, they sprouted out into my motivation for my pride and joy of a series I’m writing right now.

I am currently writing a fantasy series set in modern time, and it’ll be for young adults, considering my main characters are that age. To put it short, it has to do with six main teenagers with DNA split in half by a dragon’s. They all have special characteristics, and the series has action, suspense, comedy, romance, deep conversations, and overall relatable topics even alongside new creations of biological stature. The “clan” as I call it is lead by Hayden, and she’s with Aryc, Mykel, Trevor, Evelyn, and Amber. Together they are the ultimate strength, and together they are the symbol of fire, ice, and lightning itself.

My series countdown 🙂

First novel: “The Irises of Flame”


Second novel: “Buried Beneath the Fire’s Gaze”

Third novel: “The Fall of Bleeding Rain”

Fourth novel: “Inferno of Shadows”

Fifth (and last) novel: “Embers of Redemption”

I am self-publishing my novels, and I’m expecting the first one to be available near the end of this year of 2013. I’ll be introducing the characters at least once every month (so don’t mind me). It is my ultimate dream to get my story out there. Not for money or for the fame, but rather to get my imagination on paper and to let me share my stories with other people; I want others to enjoy the world I created just as much as I loved writing it.

Check out the tab “Hayden Cressida Series” on my home page if you’d like to go more in depth on my stuff. It’s very small right now, but I’m sure to build it up in due time, just be patient! 🙂

Well, thanks for reading, and I hope all of you inspiring writers aren’t giving up on your dreams to publish, since I assure you it’ll be an amazing reward!

So remember, take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

-S. K. Robitaille


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