Maximum Ride to Become a Comic Book Series! And Other News on the Series…

Hello readers!

I apologize for not posting in a couple months, school has kept me busy along with my second novel. I’ll try to be better with posting on here; I haven’t forgotten about you all!

So, just recently I ran across the news that the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is going to be made into a comic series. The link for more information and an interview with James Patterson on the topic can be read here

How do you feel about the series being made into a comic? I think it’s interesting.  There’s only one sample of artwork on the website but I love the colors! I think I’d be more interested in reading the comics than the Manga, probably because comics tend to have more vivid colors; at least in my opinion and what I’ve personally seen. Of course nothing can beat the original novels themselves! Speaking of…

There are new covers for adult versions of the series (to be on sale 10/28)! I don’t really like how they look, but apparently they’re supposed to draw in an adult audience (as Patterson has stated). There’s only new covers for four of the novels, so perhaps only those are adult oriented? I’m also not sure how much the content has changed (if at all) to please an adult audience. I’ll be interested to check it out, of course. Do you like the covers?

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On another fun note…

Patterson is writing another novel for the Maximum Ride series! It’s to take place after “Nevermore.” It’s entitled “Forever” and it’s to be released on 1/19/15. You can read the first chapter for free on Hopefully he gets back in touch with his writing styles in the first few novels because, personally, the characters and plot were a lot more enjoyable then. The last book didn’t answer all of my questions and didn’t quite satisfy, so hopefully he ends the series well with this last Max Ride novel. Will you be reading it?

That’s all the news I have for you! Fly on!

-S. K. Robitaille


“Nevermore” Spoilers

As promised from yesterday’s post, I’m going to give you the spoilers of the last book in the series. I don’t really get these, since you should just read the book and find out yourself, but sometimes, I guess, knowing that your whole world in fantasy land isn’t going to come crashing down. Like, is Max really going to die? Knowing she is or isn’t helps you prepare for the moment and not cry over the pages. Ha! Anyway, I’ll start with the questions that I posted yesterday, where I just put my reaction.

And, as I said, this post is going to be full of spoilers, so if you don’t want to read what happens then LOOK AWAY. NOW! Instead you may prefer my review where it doesn’t spoil anything, where you can check it out here

Okay, off for the questions:

-What side is Jeb really on? And will Max ever forgive him for what he’s done to her?

Umm…I think this is up to the reader, really. I think Jeb is just a twisted guy, and he loves his daughter, but I don’t know…he’s a confusing fellow. He’s a part of keeping Angel captive and also out to kill Fang and also made another Ari (I’ll explain that later), so I think he’s just a bit disturbed. I still don’t know what side he’s on.

-Will Angel make it out of wherever she got captured in the ending of “Angel”? Where is she captured to begin with?

Yes, she does. As for where she got captured? Not sure, just somewhere evil, ha!

-What happened to Ella? Will she get experimented on too?

*shrug* good question. Quite frankly she only comes up once and that’s at the end, so I was a little confused by that. Wasn’t she determined to get wings? Wasn’t Max going to find her in the end of “Angel”? I think Patterson forgot about that plot point.

-What ever happened to the “redheaded wonder” that Fang was crushing on in the fourth book? Wasn’t Max warned that she could possibly be working for the evil side?

Good question, me. Good question. She never comes up again, as neither does Mr. Chu. Or, very long while back, Ter Borcht. I mean, what happened to those guys? Did they go to evil college together to take a break from their plans?

-Will Fang ever join the flock again? Will Max ever be okay with Maya?

Yes, Fang does come back. As for Maya? *happy dance* I’ll go into detail about that in a second. I’m a happy person 🙂

-Will Jeb and Dr. Martinez be okay? Where did they go anyway?

Jeb= crazy man, as always. Dr. Martinez= supposedly brainwashed woman. I don’t buy it. I’ll explain in a second.

-What event is the end of the world? How will Max save it?

That’s complicated. First the end of the world is this virus that’s supposed to infect all of mankind so only “enhanced” people will survive. Then BAM this whole new thing hits the world, like an outside of this world disastor. Dylan explains it to be a meteor exploding outside of Earth or something along those lines, I don’t know, it was actually kind of confusing yet intense. The sky opened up, there was a bunch of heat, there were big waves, and then the epilogue came up. It’s just like…WHAT? And does Max save the world? Well…technically no.

-Will a flock member die? (Rumor has it that may happen).

No, no flock member dies.

-Will Iggy ever get his eyesight back?

Nope, he’s forever blind.

-Is Dylan officially a part of their flock now?

I suppose so, yes.

-Will the rest ever find their parents?

No. It doesn’t matter in this point in the game anyway.

-Dylan or Fang?

Here’s your answer:

blindbandit5 She ends up with Fang. It’s actually quite sweet when he comes back. He’s very open with his emotions. He makes me swoon 🙂 I’m so glad these two end up together.

Alright, now let me knick off the crazy stuff to spoil the novel even more.

-Who dies: Maya (HAZA!! YES!!! FINALLY!!!), and Ari (again, haha)

-Speaking of Ari, yes, he comes back. Not the real Ari, just a replacement that Jeb made because he was feeling so bad that he raised his real son awfully. I mean, I guess I can get this plot twist, but it actually made me very upset. Why couldn’t Patterson leave Ari alone? I really enjoyed the boy he turned into in the third book right before he passed away. He should’ve just left him alone. I suppose he was just trying to bring Erasers back, I suppose. Didn’t really work for me.

-The Voice: get ready for it…

Angel. Yup. The Voice is Angel. As you can imagine, I was like o.O WHAT? It doesn’t make sense to me, I couldn’t really put the pieces together. I mean, I get Angel can talk in peoples’ heads, but I mean come ON. Really? How would Angel really be that smart even in the beginning of the series? Plus, the Voice pops up when Max is at really far distances, and I don’t believe that Angel can even reach that far through thought. Which I want to bring up another point. While she was captured in this book, the Voice spoke in Max’s head (and everyone else’s), but she didn’t bother to actually say in her own voice: “yo, pick me up, would you? I’m dying here!” Also, how would Jeb know about the Voice? Remember him imitating it in the third book? Things just don’t add up.

-Cool twists:

1. Dr. Martinez is found on the “bad side”. But, apparently, Jeb brainwashed her to be there. Which, as you can guess, I don’t believe. Patterson just wanted a way to still make her a good person somehow. I call bull.

2. Fang’s DNA is now super freaking badass. In this book, a bunch of scientists are after him because Fang holds…wait for it…the key to immortality. Give yourself a moment to let that sink in. All of the scientists want this guy now to test on and etc, but Jeb wants him dead because that kind of power will populate the Earth too much or something along those lines. Which reminds me of the next point.

3. Dylan goes a little coo-coo. He’s asked to kill Fang because of reason above, and at first he says no. Then he realizes that other scientists want him, and he doesn’t want Fang to be tested on for the rest of his life, so to put him out of his future torture, he goes on a mission to kill the guy. Stupid Dylan.

4. As for why they developed gills, I first thought it was a way for Patterson to get the flock out of the situation in the fourth book. But no, alas, it came in handy in this one. When I mean come in handy, I mean save their lives. Max and Fang (very beautiful scene, by the way) hold onto each other as a massive waves comes in to kill them, and right before it crashes, Fang declares his love for her. *swoon* And when you think they’re dead…BAM! Epilogue, they’re just fine. Quite frankly I already remembered that they could breathe underwater, I just thought that the massive weight of the water would crush them.

5. Already mentioned above, but Ari comes back. I’m not a happy person about that subject.

6. Fang’s gang obviously splits up. I hated those guys anyway, they had no character to me. They weren’t trustworthy, as I came to find out anyway. Star and Kate end up going on Ari’s side because they want to be saved and blah, blah, blah. And Fang just ends up leaving the other guys in the gang. Good job, Fang. Good job. Which reminds me, right before Maya died (YAY!), she confessed her love for Fang. I wanted to slap a girl across the face. How long has she known him? Like, five months? Shut up, girl, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I obviously couldn’t feel the sadness Fang was feeling when she passed, I was too busy popping the confetti.

Alright, I think I got the main points all spoiled for you ^_^ In another post I’m going to jot down all of my thoughts while reading the book just for kicks and giggles. I’ll link it here when it’s finished.

Enjoy reading, and tell me what you thought about the book!

Fly on!

Books I want to be made into movies

Okay, so yesterday I posted what books are going to be made into movies, and it got me thinking of the ones not on that list. So, here goes my small rant of what books I’d love to see on the big screen.

My top ten books I want to see in theaters:

10. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Well, she has a lot of novels, actually, but so far this one has been my favorite. I like how it’s not just a love story, quite frankly that’s just a minor portion in the bigger plot. Our main character suffers from her past, and she can’t seem to unlock herself into a new life.

I think this one would be a good movie because it just has a lot of interesting plot points. Plus, come on, we’ve gotta have our summer love story!

9. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

I read this one in one of my college courses, and I ended up really liking it. It has two main characters telling a story, and it jumps around from present to past tense (sounds like a mess, but it’s actually really organized). It mixes the idea of religion and modern ideas into one thing, and there’s also a lot of interesting science experiments out in their world. Actually, their world is a lot different than ours in an intriguing way.

This would be awesome on screen because of all the different animals we see, as well as a different setting altogether. I think we as a society love watching movies that let us escape into another reality, and this story would definitely do the trick.

8. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This one is jammed full of gods from the past, one of main ones being Odin. We encounter gods we’ve never even heard of (trust me, I had to use google a lot on this book). And these gods are a huge plot to this story and not just in the background. We meet our main character Shadow when he gets out of prison and meets Odin on an airplane, although he calls himself Wednesday (he goes by many names). Along the way we start doubting who’s even a human or a god in disguise, it’s quite the interesting plot.

I hear rumor that this is going to be a TV series, but since that’s just a rumor right now, it’s still on my list of things I want to see on TV or in a movie. It’d be very vivid and different, since we get to see gods living on Earth instead of looking down at us. Plus Shadow is a normal person, and to have a regular human engulfed in a middle of a war of the gods is quite an awesome thing to watch.

7. Don’t Die, My Love by Lurlene McDaniel

I’ve read this so many times I can probably start saying it out loud by heart. This is a touching love story about a boy in high school that gets diagnosed with cancer, and we see him struggle through the eyes of his girlfriend. He’s just a very strong character and stubborn on wanting to be healthy again, while simultaneously trying to get a scholarship for football even while sick.

I know there’s a bunch of movies like this already made, but to have someone so young go through it would be an eye opener. I don’t think a character like Luke’s (the boy with cancer) has been introduced to this world, so I think this story on the big screen would make a lot of impact. No matter how many times I read it I always cry!

6. Any of the novels by John Saul (The Right Hand of Evil is on top)

If none of you know John Saul, he’s a fiction writer that focuses on the horror genre. He’s written many books, and I have about ten or twelve of ones he’s written; he never dissapoints me. Even reading I’m on the edge of my seat!

The Right Hand of Evil is my favorite though, although at some points it gets kind of twisted. Then again, what horror story doesn’t? Okay, so this family moves into a house passed down from their family, and everyone in town (small town) is weary of these newcomers because their family is known to be the worst company; pretty much dragging their kids into bad situations. Anyway, we come to learn that the father is a stereotypical drunk and no one likes him and blah blah blah, but once moving to the house, he finds his peace. Well, or so we think.

One night in his drunken state he falls to the basement almost dead, and during which, we find this voice asking him if he wants to live, and what he’s willing to sacrifice for it.

We soon learn to find he offers his son’s life.

We see Jared’s (the son) personality change over time into this rude guy that his twin doesn’t even recognize, and that’s when the dreams start happening. Dreams of horror in the basement of dreadful things, evil things, that she soon realizes are true.

This is a story of possession and evil, so I’ll at least say this story doesn’t hold back the gore. I know it seems twisted, but I think this book would be really scary on the big screen. I know there are already a lot of horror movies dealing with the devil and possession, but for some reason this one strikes me as different. Even reading the visuals creeped me the heck out, so on screen I’d be cuddling a pillow the whole time.

And yeah, I gave a lot of detail on this one because it’s not in the teen genre category, so I figure not a lot know about him. So, voila!

5. What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci

Alright, so this one is pretty touchy. So, I think we’ve all ran into people where we’re not sure if they’re male or female, right? Well, meet Lani Garver.

Our main character runs into him (as we eventually realize he’s male), and overtime realizes how awful her friends really are and blah blah blah. Typical story, girl meets dude, finds out her friends are jerks, and decides to hang with him instead.

But here’s where it gets twisted. One night her old friends decide to play a prank on Lani in the ocean by pretending to drown him. But he ends up getting caught in a net and actually drowning.

They now have murder on their hands.

As the plot thickens, our main character runs into a book full of angels, and one of them ends up looking exactly like Lani, and a more mysterious vibe comes into play of what’s actually going on here.

So, why would this be cool on screen? The plot itself. I know we have the cliche high school stuff, but this one gets pretty twisted and complicated. Plus the idea of Lani actually being an angel puts everything into question. It makes us think, would angels come to earth as beautiful, or would they come to earth as someone like Lani, so they can see our true personalities come out?

4. Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements

This is a story of a boy turning invisible, although he has no idea why. One day he wakes up, takes a shower with eyes closed since he’s tired, wipes at the mirror, and finds no reflection there. We see him going through daily struggles, as well as trying to find out what in the world caused him to be invisible.

This would be awesome on screen because of special affects, as well as the plot itself. It just makes us realize what we take for granted in life.

3. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Yes, I know, I’ve been talking a lot about this one. It’s rumored to becoming a movie, but I’m still putting it on this list too. This is a story of Clay finding cassette tapes on his porch, and on these seven tapes is Hannah’s voice who has recently committed suicide. In it, she lists her thirteen reasons why she committed suicide, or more like the thirteen people why. The rules are simple: listen to the tapes, hear your story, and pass it on to the next person on the list.

We get engulfed in Hannah’s story, and find characters overlapping in her life. During which, we wait on the edge of our seats as to why Clay is on the list.

This would be awesome on the big screen because I think it’d open our eyes to something greater than ourselves. A lot of people have gone through suicidal thoughts or a friend of theirs suffering it, so I think this can reach out to a wide audience, even though it’s a touchy subject. And it’s not just the suicide that makes the story either, the story itself is what leads up to it.

2. The Body of Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci

This novel is chop full of suspense, mystery, and thrills. There isn’t ever a dull moment in this book, to say the least.

A boy named Christopher Creed is one of those characters that gets picked on and so forth because of his awkward demeanor and “annoying” traits. And one day, he just doesn’t show up. Or the next day. Or the one after that.

The school starts getting suspicious, and our main character ends up hacking into the system to find the letter rumored that Christopher left before his disappearance. It looks to be a runaway note, or even worse, a suicidal note. And to top that off, we find our main character’s name on the letter as to a reason of Chris leaving.

The mystery gets more in depth as the plot thickens, the question if it was suicide, a runaway, or even murder. Suspects start popping up, the school starts turning on each other, and friendships are torn.

This would be a great movie because of the constant suspense and mystery, as well as our own main character’s development along the way. It’s a cool genre to see in the teen world to have a type of horror story, so to see it on screen would be even better.

Now for the top one on my list.

1. Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

This series is extremely popular, but if you all don’t know what it’s about, it’s basically about these six kids that have escaped the School (a science lab). They were experimented on, their DNA changed and proded at, until they turned 2% avian. They are blessed (or cursed, however you wish to look at it) with wings, and some have powers too. The leader of this “flock” is Max, and her five other members include Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel. They are constantly on the run from the scientists and other threats.

Now trust me, hearing this plot I was iffy at first, but I was hooked only ten pages into the first novel. Our narrator, Max, is witty and keeps us laughing, while also keeping it serious with her other flock members. In a way these characters are a lot like us, just blessed with the extra limbs of wings for flight.

Why would this be awesome on screen? Okay, here’s my rant. The wings! The characters, the popularity, their powers, the visual effects, the plot itself, new creations/species, and plus there’s so many books that we’d be granted with oodles of movies! The more Max the better! It’s an amazing story, so check it out!

And hopefully *cross fingers* check it out on big screen too.

What books do you want to see made into a movie?

Keep on reading!

-Sara R.

Fan Art: Maximum Ride

There has been talk about Maximum Ride by James Patterson becoming a movie, although it was rumored to be made by this year. However, Patterson is in search for the perfect actors/actresses for the part, so him being picky is drawing the time of the film back. I don’t blame the guy, I’d be picky too if I was to chose the roles for the flock. He’s looking for people not well known to Hollywood, so I’m glad to hear he’s picking fresh faces for his novels.

So, until the movies come out, we are left to imagine the characters in our own heads. Quite frankly I find this to be better than watching people on screen, since the imagination can make any character look whichever way we choose.

I have gathered some art for the Maximum Ride series to share what some people think everyone will look like, as well as to just draw for the sake of drawing. Wings are fun to draw, so I don’t blame them!

All art is from deviantart, so enjoy!

Realistic sketch of Max done by SarahB57. Love the hair! And look at that determination!

Another sketch of Max done by zukopersonalperv. She looks so beautiful!

Not only Max, but her flock in the distance too. It’s a woodburn picture by brando9g. Epic!

Drawing of Iggy by Tallstones. Wonderful drawing, and it made me laugh! Iggy and his explosions 🙂

Fang and Max by Echo-138. Can I get an echo of “awwww”?

Realistic sketch of Fang by ChristyWatchYou. Amazing detail!

Sketch of Iggy by Tallstones. He is so cute here 🙂 That smile!

A realistic sketch of the flock by sakuramelting. Awesome shading, great job!

Drawing of Fang by Tallstones. Look at that face! Awesome!

Realistic sketch of Max by shattertheair. It’s the cover of “Nevermore”, the last book of the Maximum Ride series. Looks so great!

Charcoal sketch of Max by ElfyTay1213. Amazing shading, and awesome presentation overall.

Sketch of Fang by xValkyrieVampire. Awesome wings, and look how strong his face looks!

Sketch of Gazzy by Tallstones. He is so cute! Great drawing of him!

Sketch of Nudge by Tallstones. Cool shading, and I love her face!

Sketch of Angel by Syq. She looks so sad here, but I love how she’s holding her teddy bear and has Total in her lap.

And since I feel like posting up something of my own, here is my realistic sketch of Fang.

That’s all the art for today! Have any that you’d like to share? Let me know and I’ll showcase it later! How do you envision the flock to look like?

Fly on!

Maximum Ride in Summary

So, if none of you have read Maximum Ride, I have two things to tell you. Ready? READ IT. And another thing…read it! It’s an amazing series by James Patterson (an author of many other novels), and it’s suitable for all ages. The narration is in first person by Max (female, by the way) and she’s very to the point, sarcastic, and hilarious narrator. She’s the leader of her flock of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. But the twist? They are 2% avian, so they have wings and some are blessed with powers.

Sure, this may sound a little weird or out there for people (was for me at first), but it’s really nothing you’d expect. There’s action, humor, little romance (don’t worry, men, not THAT much), and it’s in constant motion, so putting the book down is nearly impossible.

So, I have read all novels up to the last one “Angel”, and I’m waiting for “Nevermore” coming out later this year. I will be putting spoilers on here, so try and keep up! 🙂

I’d like to put some of my reactions from this book, or side effects, that come with reading this 🙂

-a sudden obsession with wings. I swear I have four necklaces with wings on them, and I’m getting my Vans done with wings on them soon.

-every bird I see, I want to yell: There Goes Max!! Unless it’s a crow, then I think of Fang.

-when I see vampire’s teeth, aka fangs, I always think of Fang.

-when the lights go out and all I see is blackness, I think: hey! I’m like Iggy!

-see a little girl with a bad attitude? Angel.

-I pick up an Eraser and think of half-human dogs.

-fart machine at Spencer’s? Gazzy.

-when I say the same sentence as my sister, and I feel like a mind reader like Angel.

So go on and start reading if you haven’t already! It’s a wonderful series, and I’ll be posting lots about it through time 🙂

Fly on!