Maximum Ride to Become a Comic Book Series! And Other News on the Series…

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I apologize for not posting in a couple months, school has kept me busy along with my second novel. I’ll try to be better with posting on here; I haven’t forgotten about you all!

So, just recently I ran across the news that the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is going to be made into a comic series. The link for more information and an interview with James Patterson on the topic can be read here

How do you feel about the series being made into a comic? I think it’s interesting.  There’s only one sample of artwork on the website but I love the colors! I think I’d be more interested in reading the comics than the Manga, probably because comics tend to have more vivid colors; at least in my opinion and what I’ve personally seen. Of course nothing can beat the original novels themselves! Speaking of…

There are new covers for adult versions of the series (to be on sale 10/28)! I don’t really like how they look, but apparently they’re supposed to draw in an adult audience (as Patterson has stated). There’s only new covers for four of the novels, so perhaps only those are adult oriented? I’m also not sure how much the content has changed (if at all) to please an adult audience. I’ll be interested to check it out, of course. Do you like the covers?

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On another fun note…

Patterson is writing another novel for the Maximum Ride series! It’s to take place after “Nevermore.” It’s entitled “Forever” and it’s to be released on 1/19/15. You can read the first chapter for free on Hopefully he gets back in touch with his writing styles in the first few novels because, personally, the characters and plot were a lot more enjoyable then. The last book didn’t answer all of my questions and didn’t quite satisfy, so hopefully he ends the series well with this last Max Ride novel. Will you be reading it?

That’s all the news I have for you! Fly on!

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Character profile: Evelyn Jorgenson

Time to introduce the final female in the clan in the Hayden Cressida series: miss Evelyn Jorgenson


Unfortunately I haven’t drawn Evelyn on her own, so I apologize! Evelyn is the youngest, and also the sweetest one in the clan.

This is how I envisioned her, although with darker hair…


The first book in the series “The Irises of Flame” is NOW up for sale! You can get in on Amazon. You can also check out the “Hayden Cressida” tab on the side, or “My Writing/Series” at the top to read more about what the series is about.

With that, let me break down her character more for you!

Age: 13

Appearance: her exact height is never mentioned, but she’s noted to stand as tall as Hayden’s shoulder, and Hayden is 5’6″. Although, of course, Evelyn grows taller as the series progresses since her body is still maturing. She has dark, brunette hair that’s notably thick, and her face is noted to be round, as well as a constant smile in the corners of her lips. Her eyes are described as both baby blue and topaz, but the topaz color is mentioned more. Her body is also extremely flexible, which she does use against enemies, but she mainly uses that flexibility to dance in her spare time.

Powers: she has a screech that’s so intense, that it can explode through walls, as well as missiles. Later in the series she discovers that this power at a very specific pitch can melt a portion of the brain for instant death. She also has the ability to breathe under water, and webs are formed between her fingers and talons (what you would call toes), in order to swim easier.

Personality in small summary: she never has a bad thing to say about anyone, really. She has a very big heart, extremely sweet, and wants nothing but to nurture or cuddle with others in the clan. She’s also very young at heart, and a little ignorant of the world because of her childhood, but she tries her best to adapt. She only attacks to protect her family, although she doesn’t enjoy doing it. Hayden tends to call her the most innocent of souls. She’s also best friends with Trevor, and he constantly keeps his eyes on her to make sure she’s safe.

Wings: she’s the only one with feathers for wings that reach eleven feet, and Hayden remarks in the first book that Evelyn’s wings remind her more of a bluejay than of a dragon. They’re navy blue in color, and she constantly plays with her primary feathers whenever she’s bored; Trevor also strokes them to relax her.

Fire: dark blue.

Her past: every clan member has a bad past to take note of, so, here’s Evelyn’s. She was in a cage until Hayden broke her out at six-years-old, and although Evelyn doesn’t remember this other portion, she was also molested as a child. All Evelyn remembers of her childhood is being stuck in that cage, which makes her weary in tight spaces.

Now that you know more about her in summary, here’s some quotes to better know her! (all are in Hayden’s pov unless noted otherwise)

(book one)

Mykel cautiously goes over to the couch and stiffly sits on it. Evelyn practically skips over to Mykel and sits next to him. “Hi,” she smiles.


“Don’t overload him with your sweetness, Evelyn, I don’t think he has a sweet tooth,” I comment.

She giggles and says, “Oh, puh-leeze, everyone has one!”

(book one)

“What’s the wax museum?” Evelyn asks as we slowly walk by it.

“It’s a museum full of people made of wax,” Aryc replies.

“People are made of wax? How can they breathe?”

(book one, Aryc’s pov)

I trail my finger over a certain line, then inform, “We need to take the yellow train.”

“They have yellow ones?!” Evelyn exclaims. “Oh, how fun!”

“They’re not literally yellow,” I explain. “It just says the color on the train.”

“Well, that’s deceiving,” Evelyn sighs.

(book one)

“A whole new world! With a fantastic point of view! And waaaaay up here it’s crystal clear. And now I’m in a whole new world with yooouuuu,” Evelyn sings as we walk back to our hotel.

“Now I’m in a whole new world with you!” Trevor sings, and after he takes a hold of Evelyn’s hands, he starts dancing with her.

(book two)

“I just hope Aryc is okay,” Evelyn says, and then starts gnawing on her glove.

“He’s fine,” Trevor reassures. “And if he’s not, then I owe you a hundred bucks.”

“And a movie?”

“Sure, and a movie.”

“Okay, deal.”

(book two, concluding a small pep talk)

[Evelyn] puts her young hands on [Trevor’s] strong cheeks and whispers, “I see a fighter, and the strongest man I’ve ever met. Don’t ever let your father have an impact to make you think otherwise. It’s your mother who loved you, and us who love you; opinions of the demeanted and evil shouldn’t matter to you.”

He simply nods a little and tenses his jawline in understanding. Trevor isn’t the talkative type with emotion, but that simple nod without arguing means that he completely agrees and gets the picture. “So no more sadness, okay?” she whispers, and slides her hands back to his ears. She traces his hearing aid on the top and adds, “Otherwise I’ll come to you at night and draw sharpie all over your face, and it’ll take days to wash it all off.”

He chuckles a couple times, and it genuinely passes to his light eyes. “Alright,” he simply complies.

(book two)

“You saved me and Hayden!” Evelyn exclaims, and I hear Mykel go oomph as she tackles him down to the ground with a hug.

I chuckle a little to myself to see Evelyn the hugger attacking Mykel the antisentimate stone with her adoration. “You’re so awesome!” she exclaims and gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

I try to keep back my laugh as the four of us land, and Mykel glances up at me with this look of: “get me the heck out of this situation.”

“Oh, hail mister Mykel,” Amber says to add on to his embarrassment, and starts bowing to him. “Hail him!”

Evelyn giggles and keeps hugging him tight, but he steadily starts getting to his feet. She keeps linked to him, though, so he looks over at me with his dark eyes, not digging the situation at all. “Okay, Ev, I think he gets the point,” I smile.

“Nope, he doesn’t,” she shakes her head and gives him another big smooch on the cheek.

Mykel sneers to his fullest extent and says, “I get it. Get off now.”

“I refuse!” she giggles, and leaps on him so she can wrap her legs around his waist and her arms tight around his neck. She nuzzles her head into his shoulder, so I shrug and say, “She’ll lose her steam in a second.”

(book four, Evelyn is being interviewed at an event, although I won’t spoil what the event is)

“What would you say is your best attribute?”

“Other than cute outfits?” she asks before adding, “I can make people faint from screeching; I can also make bombs explode from a certain pitch.”

“Wow!” Tegan beams a smile before patting her stomach and adding, “Such powerful vocals built down there!”

“Vocals aren’t exerted from the stomach, you idiot,” I hear Zeek mumble about six feet away from me.

“Cute but deadly,” Evelyn smiles, and I can practically imagine faces swooning just because of her beaming face that can light up any dark place.

(book four, Hayden speaking of Evelyn)

Even in the darkest of hours, in the pits of destruction, there’ll always be that bright blue rose to light it.

(book five, Trevor describing Evelyn)

Her tone is always light, always so sweet, and even in serious inquiries I can still catch onto the unique pitch of hers. I’ve only heard a deeper tone of it a few times, but it was only toward others that were trying to hurt me or our family.

That’s all I’ll put for now, Evelyn mainly has a lot of one-liners that make more sense in the actual context.

Now you know everyone in the clan! Check out the others linked below, and keep on reading!

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Take what you have and cherish it. Conquer it. And most importantly: soar with it.

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Release Date!

So, a release date has been chosen for my first book “The Irises of Flame.”

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November 8, 2013.



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Book Cover Release (part deux)

So the other day I posted a picture of my finished cover, and now I give you the whole thing including the back! Hope you enjoy 🙂 I’ve also started a FB page for the novel, so if you’d like to “like” it or check it out, then you can go here

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