I’ll Be Coming Back!

Hello Readers!

I know I’ve been very inactive lately. I’ve been working my butt off at my summer internship and getting my second novel into tip-top shape. I’m in my last semester at SJSU, but I’m going to make some more time for this blog because I miss it and I miss YOU.

More posts coming soon! Keep faith in me lovely readers.

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-S. K. Robitaille

Meme Monday: Hunger Games

Hello readers!

I’m really sorry for not posting in a couple months. School has kept me really busy, along with editing my second novel (coming this upcoming February). I’ll be doing a Divergent Movie vs Novel post as soon as I can, although I know it’s delayed and much overdue! For now I give you Meme Monday! I figured I’d celebrate the upcoming theatre release of Mockingjay Part One by focusing this Meme Monday on The Hunger Games! I hope you all enjoy!

Mean Girls Reference 🙂


Facebook inspired madness. MADNESS!h03ABB40BFor the creative nail types!20130805-193522Hehe…hF53B7242Awww, poor Rapunzel.1471205_319048191569313_1755626017_nI do!20130721-113712A mix between Divergent and Hunger Games! l_db81a140-dfd1-11e2-88d3-c1994f300015And for those Doctor Who fans…hD2E24092Hope you enjoyed! Are you all going to the premier of Mockingjay Part One?

Keep on reading! And may the odds be ever in your favor on not getting stomach aches from too much candy on Halloween.

-S. K. Robitaille

Maximum Ride to Become a Comic Book Series! And Other News on the Series…

Hello readers!

I apologize for not posting in a couple months, school has kept me busy along with my second novel. I’ll try to be better with posting on here; I haven’t forgotten about you all!

So, just recently I ran across the news that the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson is going to be made into a comic series. The link for more information and an interview with James Patterson on the topic can be read here


How do you feel about the series being made into a comic? I think it’s interesting.  There’s only one sample of artwork on the website but I love the colors! I think I’d be more interested in reading the comics than the Manga, probably because comics tend to have more vivid colors; at least in my opinion and what I’ve personally seen. Of course nothing can beat the original novels themselves! Speaking of…

There are new covers for adult versions of the series (to be on sale 10/28)! I don’t really like how they look, but apparently they’re supposed to draw in an adult audience (as Patterson has stated). There’s only new covers for four of the novels, so perhaps only those are adult oriented? I’m also not sure how much the content has changed (if at all) to please an adult audience. I’ll be interested to check it out, of course. Do you like the covers?

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On another fun note…

Patterson is writing another novel for the Maximum Ride series! It’s to take place after “Nevermore.” It’s entitled “Forever” and it’s to be released on 1/19/15. You can read the first chapter for free on BN.com. Hopefully he gets back in touch with his writing styles in the first few novels because, personally, the characters and plot were a lot more enjoyable then. The last book didn’t answer all of my questions and didn’t quite satisfy, so hopefully he ends the series well with this last Max Ride novel. Will you be reading it?

That’s all the news I have for you! Fly on!

-S. K. Robitaille

Fan art Friday: Divergent

Hello readers!

I know I haven’t posted in about a month and I apologize for that! I’ve been a lot busier than I thought I would be over summer, including getting my second book together as well as vacations with family and such. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all.

Yesterday I started (and finished) the first book in the Divergent series; I know, it’s about time that I did. I’ll surely be doing my own “Movie vs Novel” post once it comes out on DVD, instead of linking to another article, which I did when it was released in theaters. Mine will probably be incredibly extensive and nit-picky, just like my other movie vs novel posts. But, anyway, I figured I’d post some fan art on here of the series! Why? Because one: I don’t have much Divergent stuff on here just yet since I just now got into the series myself, and two: fan art friday is awesome. Stop questioning the logic! Stop being such a Erudite!

Before I jabber onward and get punched in the face to shut up by the Dauntless, I’ll get to sharing some art. Enjoy!


Time to play some capture the flag! “mardiyaha” illustrates this particular scene on the ferris wheel with Tris and Four. Awesome!


“chaoswalks” illustrates Tris in one of the many simulations of her under water. Wonderfully done!


This looks like it could be a movie poster! I love the elements depicted here by “alinexJonas.”


Love the quote, and I also love the artwork! The ferris wheel in the back is a great touch. Good job “OtakuParade”!


Plenty sketches of Tris and Four/Tobias by “emmilinne.” I love this type of art style!


Realistic artwork of the actors from the movie by “Art-is-passion04.” Beautiful colors! Stunning!

Have a fantastic weekend!

If you were to choose a faction, which one would it be? I personally think I’d fit the best in Amity. I love the arts, I love being happy and singing, and a peaceful environment would do me very well.

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-S. K. Robitaille

The Hunger Games Rifftrax (it’s humorous. Just read below. I believe in you)


The school year is coming to a close and I’ll be able to be more interactive over summer.

So, let me start this post with a question. Have any of you seen the old TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000? It’s basically these three guys that watch these terrible movies and make funny comments the entire time. Here’s an example:

There’s this newer group of guys that do the same thing with current movies, and I found one on The Hunger Games. Of course it’s just a small clip of certain sections of the film, but you’ll still get a good taste of humor. I also enjoy their Twilight ones. Enjoy! 🙂

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-S. K. Robitaille

Divergent: Movie Versus Novel (link)


So, I haven’t read the book, so I can’t compare the two for you like I usually do with other books (such as Hunger Games). However, I know ya’ll still enjoy reading the comparisons, so I found a couple links that compare and contrast the two.

When I compare the two, it will be quite a ways away, so here’s a couple links instead to feed your desires 🙂

This link is a list comparison


This link is more like how I compare movies and books; it’s more detailed AND it has pictures. Yay for pictures!



-S. K. Robitaille

Fan Art Friday: Divergent

Hello readers! I’m SO sorry I’ve been so busy lately, my hw load is just insane this semester.

I haven’t done fan art friday in a long while, and this week I figured to celebrate the theatre release of “Divergent”, I’d post up some fan art just for the occasion! Sadly I haven’t read it yet, although I plan to over summer. I bought all three books, and I’ll probably finish them in a couple weeks, if that. Anywho, without further adieu, here’s some “Divergent” fan art!

Thanks to xSavannahxx for the cover picture. Brilliant how they mixed all three into one!















“I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent.”


I like this representation of Four’s tattoos on his back. It seems a lot more intricate than just the circles aligned on his back. anawin


And because I can, here’s a mesh up 🙂 chrysalisgrey


Happy Friday! I’m sure to be a psycho Divergent fan girl in just a few months. Enjoy the art, enjoy the book, and enjoy the movie!

Keep on reading!

-S. K. Robitaille